Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Went for a trip to the inner parts of the Tutong district in Brunei Darussalam. Rambai to be exact. Brunei did not stop raining for almost a week, it did stop for a few hours and then it rained again. Heavy downfall. Water arisen, flood it becomes.

i went with a friend, driving in his Nissan Patrol, the old school patrol, not the new ones, something about us loving retro, vintage cars and that also goes to my cameras. i brought my x100s for the trip. He's going to visit his parents as their place was hit by flood but the day we came the water had lowered a bit. some parts of the road are still flooded but with higher cars/jeeps it was alright to drive, small cars, not so much.


 uh oh, flood. With Nissan Patrol.... piece of cake

 mud guard is really useful here. Without one the water splashes up right to my arm, almost wetted my x100s! Gasp!

 This house not so lucky. The upper part survived but the bottom, i think that is at waist level high. Hope today its fine now.

 Water did get in, if we didn't slow down, it will probably flooded the car. So note to self: Be slow and steady

next to a river is not helping

Our car did not stall, his parent's place was not flooded anymore. but we forgot to bring food supplies. felt like a dork.

Yesterday Fuji X-T1, Tomorrow Olympus EM10

Well, both have been announced last Tuesday and yesterday, the Fuji X-T1 i think is the most advanced of the X-series yet and the Olympus OMD EM10 is at the bottom of its other siblings OMD's, EM1 being the top.

Somehow design wise i still prefer the EM10 than the Fuji X-T1. Damn! i'm not choosing sides but i am a Fuji Fanboy although the background of this blog is Olympus OM10. Camera looks, Olympus wins my heart although image quality wise i'd much prefer Fuji. Its like Olympus is the beautiful girl with a not-so-clicked-with-you heart but Fuji nevertheless is still good looking with a heart that clicked with yours kinda thing. Its like Scarlett Johannson vs Blake Lively. Both Gorgeous, but maybe just one will clicked to your liking, attitude wise etc etc etc.... and im ranting, forgive me. but that's just how its gonna be. I might just dated both. i mean i might just own both cameras. :)   GAS alert!

pic taken from

That is one sexy camera!

Something special about this OMD EM10, it is similar to EM5 but my heart sets to EM10. Maybe because its a new product or maybe because i had the classic OM10. wouldnt it be cool to have both series OM10 and EM10? my wallet would disagree. i gotta wait for the real world review, mind you i have high ISO performance standard. i just like taking pictures in low light. With Fuji i can trust them but not so sure with the OMDs.

pic taken from

I dont know. Somehow it didnt look retro enough to my eyes. its like a normal SLR built in 2013. i wanted it to look like it was made in the 80s. Maybe if there was a Silver option then it would look more retro? but i dont think there's a silver version yet. Now im thinking should i get the X-pro1 now?

why so serious, its just GAS!

Monday, January 27, 2014

it's not a photograph until its printed!

X-Photographer's talk show - Zack Arias

Nice talk. Most of what he said i agree...

Thanks Fuji. Thanks Zack.

it's finally here! Fujifilm X-T1!

Loved the video, so japanese. its like listening to Kitaro and watching Ultraman in the 80's at the same time.

One week and no updates???

I must be run out of GAS. One week has passed and no updates. Well, nothing much in a week. I'm just waiting for the announcement of the X-T1, thats today! Come on X-T1 already!

I went out for a trip to the flooded area with my trusty X100S. When i was there its not that deep, it has watered down? i guess.. but some of the roads are still flooded though my friend's Nissan Patrol can go through it with no harm. i'll post that trip on another day.

Finally my wife found the battery charger for my Lumix LX3 after putting it somewhere in her bag for almost a year now. i can play around with my lumix then. The Lumix LX3 is the first "retro" camera that i hunted for. Back in the days before Fuji even started with this retro look camera, i was already looking for one. The closest i get was the Lumix LX3. and i bought it, end of story.

Olympus OM10 is still in my bag, since its using film, i've been waiting fo the right moment or the right precious time to take pictures since i am a cheapskate. Yes, i'm a cheapskate. Films cost money. Thats why id still prefer digital and the flexibility it offers. But i love Camera Film looks. Damn X-T1. Why cant you be really retro like the x100.

Oh and gasp..... my X-M1 is back alive!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Instax 210

taken with Fujifilm X100S

I love this camera. Instant film. Polaroid-like or polaroid killer. My first instant film camera. Dont you just love how the image appears right before your eyes. i told you before in my previous post that id love printed picture, not to store pictures in your iphones or hard drive. This is the sh*t. This is how i become a Fuji Fanboy. Starting with the instax. and then the X series came along. Fujifilm makes things right for me. and everyone else i must say. because there's a growing fan base or a cult following. When i got this baby, nobody is selling these in my country. Nowadays you can find it in almost every camera shop in town. Told you, a cult is growing. my worries are gone. More films to be made. When i bought it i was worried Fuji will abandon a sinking ship. but this ship is not gonna sink. Instax are putting themselves big on the map.

Then they came up with the Instax Share printer.

Even Bigger!


Shopping Spree!!

Been on a shopping spree on fleabay, man, look how my credit spikes....

i've been eyeing all these lighting stuffs from yongnuos, and to make things more expensive is that i need at least 2 of each..

so i bought myself

:- a wireless trigger , Yongnuo's latest RF603 II,
:- a LED lighting from Yongnuo too! the YN160S
:- a wireless flash YN560 III

and then some stuffs like an umbrella tripod holder and a lens cap for my Olympus OM10.

Lets see how i like my stuffs later... or cry later...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Real images of Fuji X-T1 via fujirumors..of course!

i'm still not convinced by the look.... been wanting it to look like a Fujica ST801....

but this will look good in my hands.....

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Fuji X-M1 dead?

Not a beautiful sight indeed.... my X-M1 in all its not so glory days and the culprit behind it (literally)...

So we were heading the pantry, i went first and Matt's behind me when all of the sudden the pantry door slammed his hand that held the X-M1..... BOOM! it went fast.... it keeps repeating in my head.... the sound of the crash and my dead X-M1 lying on the shattered glass...

"Oh, where oh where can my baby be?
  The Lord took her away from me......  I'll never forget the sound that night....... 
  the bustin' glass.....The painful scream that I heard last"
(Pearl Jam, Wayne Cochrane cover, Last Kiss)

So with fingers crossed, i was hoping for the magnificent works of japanese products to withstand this manslaughter although this X-M1 was made in Thailand. Switched it ON, everything seems normal, half press shutter and it auto focus like nothing happened.... almost a sigh of relief until i noticed the shutter didnt work! DAMNNN.... i half press the shutter again, it auto focus but when i finish fully press the shutter, no shutter picture taking, it only keep its focusing.... press it harder nothing happen....FUDGE>> im screwed..... test the video mode and it works.... but i dont want video... i want it to take pictures!.... nooooooooooooooooooooooo√≤

i never sleep easy forward on

Fuji Instax SHARE printer

Arrgghh... i'm heading to Singapore next month, i'm gonna get me this muthafudger lil printer! and the X-T1 too! :D

Saw this on a japanese fujifilm website me thinks.... finally get to see the ad, the marketing of this printer.. looks fun! Oh i got this from here

Now i will make use of my iphone camera more... or i could upload pictures from my X-M1 to my iphone and print that..hmm!! That will be awesome... but speaking of my X-M1.....DAMN YOU MATT! haha *evil* laughs.... i'll post about it later...

But yea..... transfer your SLR pics, your Fuji X's pictures to your iphone and print it with the INSTAX SHARE printer....

that is frikkin genius!

SO what happen to INSTAX cameras???

i predict a downshift in sell figures for instax camera....shame... but the instax mini film will see the surge in sell figures too!

Oh how i wish they made it compatible with the wide instax film.... please fuji... do it live!

Fuji X-T1 on 28th January! That's like 8 days from now! Gasp!

Saw the new Fuji X-T1 real pic today! its on fujirumors.

Like i predicted, it didnt look anything like Fujica St801.... it certainly look more like the Olympus OMD EM5.... Certainly not boxy.... :( shame.... but it could only be me who loves boxy SLR.... handling wise is crap... people love grips.. of course it handles better with a grip but i love the looks without grip...

hopefully the "leather" style is vintage though!

thanks fujirumors for the heads up.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Printed my pictures (2014 resolution)


is the year i made a promise to myself to print the pictures that i take with my fujifilm cameras. You know how its becoming a habit of ours to just take lots of photos with your digital cameras or your iphones, your androids but never printed them? ..... it just stays in the phone or in the hard drives......For some maybe they dont need to print it, in their hard drives is totally fine but not me.... i dont like the idea of pictures stays in your hard drive except for backing up, yes...but to look at the pictures via a pc or tablet? i dont like it.... its great but then you need tons of spaces or a super fast internet connection (from where i came from our internet speed sucks), a tablet of course.... but for me that is still digital. i'm the kind of guy who likes old stuffs, vintage, classics...back to basics..whatever you call it... i like hard copies! My magazines, i want it in hard copies! not soft copies, digitals that you put in your ipads, tablets. i want to flick the pages.. i want to smell it... i want to keep it in my shelfs..... thats how old school i am....although im still in my 30s.... i'm not 70 you prick! hahaha........ Digital is fine, its great but i just love how i can just pick up the photo album and look at the pictures. When you show someone your wedding pics, you most probably take out your wedding photo album instead of a tablet with your wedding pics in it... or maybe im wrong! As a matter of fact i created an engagement pictures that i took to pdf so that the couple can look it in their pads......Ouch..(look whos talking you say?)

Anyway, the results printed are more like 50/50. Some of the pictures are different from what i look on my screen. i forgot to tell the developer not to edit or enhance anything so i guess thats my fault too! But when the printed picture nails the colors like on my macbook screen it's so gorgeous. But when its not, i feel disgusted. more like i'm dissapointed, it didnt look how i wanted it to look kinda dissapointed. let just say, some of the pics i like it dark better but the developer tends to brighten the pic and the results was way off from my "creative juices" eye...sort of thing.. haha. Note to self: Tell the developer not to enhance anything!

Printing gonna cost me money but i think its worth it... and the satisfaction i get looking at my printed pictures is just priceless.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PeeKaBoo ....

Unintentional....but works with the title..

Puzzled? Let me explain...

I was uploading a photo to my 500px , it looked like this in the website (black and white category)

See there?

As you can see its all blacked out on 500px website, it looks like there is something wrong with my picture, and viewers would also think either its just an all black photo or corrupted photo.

But actually if you're really intrigued and clicked on the picture, actually its a picture of ...


my kid.....
right at the bottom of the pic...

It was unintentional, but somehow coincidentally works with the title!

The real story was, i'm tryin to do a self portrait but with manual focus and no help it was PITA to nail focus so i asked my kid to stand in and adjusted focus and took her picture along the way.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sunny 16 rule

Sunny 16 is a rule to get correct exposure. if you use a fully manual camera (film) then this rule is a must know. Instead of repeating what others on the net has already explained let me just copy and paste it here. This is taken from , all credits goes to them. This is a good read.


The Sunny 16 Rule is a way to meter for correct exposure during daylight without using the camera’s meter.
The basic rule of thumb states that if you have a clear, sunny day and your aperture is at f/16, whatever ISO you are using, your shutter speed will be the reciprocal value of that ISO value (ISO X = 1/X seconds shutter speed)
So for example, if your ISO is 200 at f/16, then your shutter speed will be 1/200 seconds. If your ISO is 100, then your shutter speed will be 1/100 seconds.
Simple, right?


Ok, so now that we have f/16 out of the way, how can we use the Sunny 16 Rule to calculate shutter speed values with other aperture values?
If you recall from my tutorial on exposure, you may remember that aperture, shutter speed, and ISO make up the three-way balancing act in determining exposure. So the way this works is that if you increase/decrease one variable, you have to increase/decrease at one of the other variables in order to keep the exposure the same. If one factor goes up by one stop, another factor should go down by one stop, and vice versa.
So let’s say that your aperture is f/16, your ISO is 200 and your shutter speed is 1/200. If you want to open up your aperture by a stop by going from f/16 to f/11, then you have to go down a stop in either your shutter speed to 1/400 sec or ISO to ISO100.
So here’s a quick run-down of what shutter speed that you will need if you open up your aperture one stop at a time. The ISO is kept at ISO200.

Change in ApertureStop DifferenceChange in ShutterStop Difference
f/1601/200 @ISO2000
f/11+1 stop1/400 @ ISO200-1 stop
f/8+2 stops1/800 @ISO200-2 stops
f/5.6+3 stops1/1600 @ ISO200-3 stops
f/4+4 stops1/3200 @ISO200-4 stops
f/2.8+5 stops1/6400 @ISO200-5 stops


First of all, the Sunny 16 Rule is a good way to check if your camera is spot on with exposure or does it consistently under or over expose. Some cameras have a tendency to slightly under expose, and this is a good way to test that camera.
Additionally, unlike the camera metering system, the Sunny 16 Rule is based on incident light instead of reflected light, which means that it’s based on the brightness of the light only, and not how the light that is being reflected off the subject and into the camera.
I wrote an extensive test on the advantages of incident light metering versus reflected metering before, but to sum it up, incident light metering cannot be fooled by very light or very dark clothing and very light or dark background. So as a quick example, a bride’s white wedding dress can throw off a camera’s reflected light metering the more and more of that dress fills the frame.
So the Sunny 16 Rule is can help you double check your camera’s metering to make sure it’s not getting thrown off.
That’s all there is to it for the Sunny 16 Rule! It’s another good tool to have in your photography knowledge bag.

i also found exposure mat, go here It is based on Sunny 16 rule. 

And also there's an iphone app

and this one is for free

Recesky pictures...

This is the only decent picture that i got from my Recesky, actually theres 3 more but id just save that because its similar quality as shown above.. i dont know what blogspot did to "enhance" the photo above but this one a bit greenish and brighter from the original file. Most of the photos that came out from recesky look like below


Being a noob me, i guess its my fault for too eager to use an iso400 film as it was the only available film for sale at the shop as the recesky only recommended to use a 200speed film. Damn you digital cameras! WHy digital u say, because i took for granted the ISO values on digital cameras, it didnt really make a difference if your ISO is high or low since everything is automatically adjusted for you to get nice exposure but not manual cameras... no no no... ever heard of sunny 16? i'll post that later...

On this blog , it says this camera features an f/11 aperture at 1/125 shutter speed and based on sunny 16 rule if i use an iso400 film on a sunny day i am sure will overexposed my images...more on sunny 16 later... so i guess i should start using an iso200 film on the recesky....

Till then
Recesky out...

Fuji X-T1 ........ Wishlist....

Ok my wishlist for the new Fuji X-T1 are:-

The design must look identical to fujica st801 or the delicious olympus OM4ti .... Why not?
Tilt screen
ISO dial like on the Nikon DF
Better and cleaner high ISOs 

Most of the information regarding X-T1, i got from fujirumors so head out to his website. Cant wait for January 28th. But i got a feeling that the new fuji will look identical to the olympus omd em5....which is not that boxy :(

but lets wait ......And its main rival are the OMDs not the Nikon DF... The DF looks super cool with that boxy retro body but its price tag is phewww....

Come January 28th..

i'm saving..

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First attempt at night photography

This is taken from my hotel window. First attempt. i never done any night photography. i always imagined i do. im just so lazy to go out at night and take photos. But i do read on the how to, Rule of 600/400, star trails, long exposure and so on. Oh by the way this is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This hotel is located at the mountain's foot? lol... just somewhere in between...lets just say im at the mountainous area. Was looking out my hotel window when i realised that the sky was super clear. There were stars. so i quickly took my XM1 out of the bag and get my small tripod. Those tripod work wonders!. Set it to 25second and playing around with the ISOs, aperture wide open, mine was f/3.5. Set the self timer to 2 second and boom!

i was in awe with my results. its not the best night photography, im not gonna win whatever photographers price out there but it was my first attempt and i was really surprised that it looked damn good. i couldnt believe that so many stars are actually in the sky. it was really fun.

From Fuji Xpro1 to Zenit TTL.... but wait...

Ok, i did not win the Xpro1 on ebay and i did not have the intention to win anyway, just in a blink of an eye, i decided to say no to Xpro1. I guess i just wait for the new X-T1. I wanted the Xpro1 because of its all black rangefinder-ish looks and now its quite cheaper than before. A used Xpro1 is cheap but combine with the shipping cost, it almost cost as a new one. So i decided not to challenge the bid. i love rangefinder looks, thats why i bought the x100s. and also the X-M1...although after owning the XM1, it didnt look retro enough nor rangefinderish looking. i guess GAS just poofed, gone, disappear. thats the ugly of GAS. Just as soon you bought it, your GAS suddenly is gone. Speaking of rangefinder style design, i also have a soft spot for classic boxy SLR. Thats why i'll just wait for the new XT1.... lets see how classic looking it will be...i hope im not disappointed. So much going on in my mind, so much goes like this....

Should i buy the Xpro1 now or should i just wait for the new classic SLR design the X-T1?
the Xpro1 now is cheaper and the XT1 might cost a bit more than my budget?
if i save my money instead of buying the Xpro1, i could fund that to buy an XT1
i should just wait for the new Xpro1S or Xpro2 but Xpro1 is cheap now?
it will always be cheap in the future since its an old camera

in the end i just wait for the new XT1 and the new Xpro1S.... for now...

SO with the Xpro1 out of the way, i guess to ease my GAS is to buy the handsome looking Zenit TTL, since its cost is way cheaper than the Xpro1. i shoot film if i have to. thats how handsomely attractive the Zenit is.

But wait, i just got a card from the post office. i think my Olympus OM10 has arrived!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Soviet cameras

 As of now i have this lust for Soviet cameras...made in USSR, somehow interesting. I never have stuffs from Russia. I mean wow.... First time i heard about this was when im searching for Leica on ebay. There were lots of Leica copies made by russia but that didnt really interest me though as i wanted a real Leica but then i had this GAS for compact 35mm so came popped up an all black compact camera, its a FED 5. Almost bought it cos it was cheap. It had a following too with some flickr sets taken with a FED. The pictures looked good but when ur on GAS, all the camera did will be marvelous. Even a shit photo will look good when you're on GAS. I also found out that its kinda cheap affordable camera making it even lustable. For collection. There are lots of brands, i only found a few but maybe theres more to it, i found FED, Zenit, Zorki, Smena, Kiev and still need to find others. If i didnt have the intention to win the bid for an Xpro1, i might have bought the Zenit yesterday, but i guess gotta wait to fund my Xpro1 lust. Yes....i'm collecting Fujis. Its not cheap but i think i can still sell it back as the market here has yet to venture Fuji products. Here photogs still craze for Canons and Nikon what not. But i do like the new Nikon DF, anything retro and im a fan. Im also eager for the new Fuji XT1, weather sealed classic SLR. I hope the styling is boxy. I should justget the new XT1 and wait for the new Xpro1S but my GAS waits for nobody. rambling, lets get back to what his face... cameras in general. Anybody can recommend me a good cheap fun russia camera?

It gotta sit on the shelf looking handsome.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Leica goes.... Maybe next time?

All the Leica's in my watch list on Ebay, have passed and gone... all the way from M2 to M9. In the end i didn't make any official bid or buy it now.... the price is too much especially for the M9 which price wise an X-Pro1 is a better deal *wink*wink* GAS alert.... Yes, right now i'm eyeing for a used XPro1 body as the price is quite a deal.

Been reading a lot of reviews, opinions and even arguments over Leicas. i came to the conclusion, not Leica for now. Based on my wise brain decision from reading a lot of Leica user's opinions, its better to get a film Leica than the digital ones. The best digital Leica at the moment is the M240 but that alone can pay upfront cash to settle both my scooter and Derbi motorcycles.

Photogs have a love and hate relationship with digital Leicas but some sworn their loyalties to digital Leica even though they lacked behind the current technology. i do not know. i've never used a Leica but is very intrigued to own the Leica system and try the film ones first. The M experience they say. But price wise is ridiculous. With Fujifilm doing so much better and affordable, i do not know if i ever jump ship to Leica, if you know what i mean........

Although, i'm Still deciding between an M6 or M4-P Leicas that are a lot available on Ebay.

But maybe just not now.

Tomorrow is a brand new day and a brand new GAS.

Ciao amigos.

COYX (Come on you Xpro1!)

Just another B&W

Dunno why it looked so washed out... it was contrasty blackish in my folder....

But somehow i liked it.

This is taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.... and nop thats not the famous mountain...

Just another black and white...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


i've realised that i have been recently posting about my GAS... Too much GAS to ramble about... now lets just post pictures from my Fuji x100s....

Starting with this portrait.

i love black and white pictures. dramatic ones too. But i'm no expert. I find my black and whites pictures are kinda dull and lacking. Being the lazy me and pampered by VSCO, i just used a preset in VSCO and do some dodging and burning. i think this is an agfa 200 preset if im not mistaken. This is a cropped version which i kinda liked, the closeness of the face, i think i like tight cropped portraitures. Although on 500px, they liked the full uncropped version better.

i guess its just a matter of taste.

Fuji Rumors

I love this site.

I am a Fuji Fanboy. Did i tell you that?.... Nop? Let me tell you that on another post but for now....

The new Fujica ST design (classic SLR look) is coming soon! Rumor has it its gonna be called X-T1...
pretty disappointed that it didnt get announced at CES 2014. But never rush an unready product or else you'll end up with a Vista..... Windows sucks! Oh well its gonna be announced soon, maybe by end of January.....

If they really design it to looked like that then i'm a guarantee buyer!!

I hope they dont alter the design too much like the olympus OMD EM5, its OM styling but just not too boxy for my taste haha...

and i hope this new X-T1 will have a tilt screen. i like having a tilt screen.

So the question now, should i still bid for the Xpro1? or i just wait for the Xpro1S and also get the

But GAS wants em all.....

Thanks Fuji, for making me buying your products. and slimming my wallet but not my belly.

Anyway, check out fujirumors if you havent already.

Curating Cuteness

Thanks to this blog, i'm drooling for some of the cameras mentioned. Now i'm eyeing a Zenit TTL on ebay.

The boxy they get, the squarish or rectangulish they are, the all black them is, made me drool more.

Here's a Zenit. Pretty Cool Name too!

Have a Zenit.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Bought The Olympus OM10

Notice the blog's background?

I love this old school SLR looks especially the olympus. Actually all classic SLR has similar stylings. But the one that made me GAS drool last time was the olympus models. Actually i wanted the digital Olympus OM's the OMD EM5..... but the look just didnt really make it for me. it did not look like the vintage ones. There are lot of pics on the internet where the olympus film and digital were placed side by side and i still drool for the film camera. The OMD EM1 is more towards modern SLR styling with the built in hand grip. i love flat, rectangular, boxy SLR.  Of all the classic olympus SLR models, the OM10 is quite affordable. There are lots available on ebay. I love the looks so much i decided to get me the old olympus camera rather than the digital ones. (This is also the start of my GAS to collect old film cameras.). Due to my time zone i had to wake up at 4am in the morning to check on my bid. I won the bid so i am right now still waiting for this camera to arrive. i've bought 2 Fuji c200 films to try with this olympus.

i cant wait.

Come to papa.

GAS: X-Pro1

Just made a bid on a used Xpro1 body only on ebay. Good luck to me. i knew i will lost this first bid cos its low bid haha.

i hope the seller is not insulted. lolzers

365 project

Last year i'm thinking to do a 365 project for 2014. Just one week into 2014 and i'm already lost to the challenge. Being the lazy me, i find it hard to take one picture a day. of course i could but then the picture could be just a snap of my feet or something i ate for the day. which i find so useless to post it online, i mean everyday??... of course comes 2015 i get to see what i ate in 2014. isnt that interesting??

tell me its lame.

Monday, January 6, 2014

GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Man, screw gas. just last weekend i wanted a leica badly, digital or film, i mean AND film. i wanted all the Ms, from M3, M2, M4-p, M6 and M7.

Then i got wise. i wanted a black leica and metered ones, so it made my choice a bit easier, i had an M6 to choose. i didnt want an M7. my leica choices was based on japancamerahunter's blog "which is the best leica M for you?" ... He likes the M6, .....and me, i'm just a beginner to leica, well what the hell, just follow the guy. so i wanted a M6. but now i want the M7 too. fu#k!

i want it in black!

Just last week, i wanted vintage point and shoot film camera, from konica to vivitar to rollei to leica and etc...

I also wanted compact 35mm rangefinders, starting with olympus 35 rc to yashica electro 35 to leica cl... not to forget contax, minolta and others that i can find on ebay.. actually i already add the olympus to my ebay cart but then i dont remember how to put in my paypal password via mobile phone keypad. but then i also want an all black rangefinder so i decided not to get the olympus, back to surveying cameras.

i want it in black!

i also have a look at russian, soviet cheap cameras, leica copies, namely FED and others which i dont remember the name by now...

NOW, i'm back to looking at Fuji Xpro1.... yes, i've been eyeing the Xpro1 for a while now but knowing the new version is around the corner i might just wait but my GAS is telling me to get the used Xpro1 on ebay, it cost almost half as new ones... damn... should i pull the trigger?

Just last week, i wanted to shoot with film, now i'm back to digital!

Knowing the flexibility of digital over film, made me think of shooting with films, i also can recreate film looks with VSCO. but something about that vintage look of film cameras just make me drool. everytime!

i also found out that i'm not really the "Trigger Happy" buy it now kind of guy anymore... that is very fortunate....i guess..... Back in the days when i was active playing music, i'm a trigger happy buy it now ebay guy, saw a beautiful fender strat, i would just click Buy it now.... Boom.... one click boom!

Boom my wallet that is....

i had like more than 10 guitars at that moment.

i've been saying i wanted a black camera, now i dont mind a silver leica m7. what the hell is wrong with me?

At the moment i want a Ricoh GR with viewfinder and hood. Oooh sexy!

Damn, what is wrong with me?

Fuji instax printer!!

i'm a fan of fujifilm instax camera, i have the instax 210, the wide instax and i also have the mini instax, the mini 50s.....

now fujifilm is announcing, the instax printer!!! its called INSTAX SHARE SP-1 Printer

Here is the press release:-

Print your iphones and android photos to an instax mini film!! i mean those films are awesome. good quality vintage style color film. i cant wait to see it in action. right now its just announcement.

i have the polaroid zinc printer, i think its called POGO. and the quality suck ass. i try to like it but i never did like it.

but im always a fan of fujifilm instax!

so good!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

This is why i'm oobist!

My favourite Briyani. this is an awesome party in my belly. times 2 cos i had 2 plates. thats 2 plates of awesomeness!

oobist x2....

for those who didn't know, oobist is a cool name for obese! Yes, put it in the dictionary.

Is that a leica?

Thats what my uncle asked me when i put my fuji x100s on the table, 
...of course...
i said no, i told him its a fuji, and he replied "oh i thought its a leica"... It was obvious, leica has a reputation, fuji? Well i guess not. It made sense, the x100s was designed to look like the famous rangefinder of all time,.... the leicas. for me leica is like the ferari of cameras.. 

Of course GAS strikes, telling me "Damn! Time to own a leica!"

I never once thought to ever own a leica. The price is just way too much of an affordable teritory, if i heard someone own a leica, id be like amazed, in my head id be like "wow! Rich,rich,rich,rich" or what my friend always said "rich bitch"

Now im eyeing ebay for used leica...

Have i told you that i want to shoot film?

Yes, i love vintage look camera so much, id just get the real thing, the vintage cameras themselves.

For leica, theres so much to choose! M2,M3,M4,M5,M6,M7

The digital ones are still in break your bank territory, id just get the films ones!

But of course, 

GAS will break your bank ( i want to collect em all leicas!)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Black or Silver...

Back when Fujifilm announced its first X series retro style digital camera, fuji x100.... i was stoked! It was silver in colour, to me it represents the vintage years, retro back then was all silver... my dad had a classic SLR, i dont remember the brand, it might be canon but i remember it was silver!.. i thought enough with the blacks...all black is a thing of the past...

But its not until Fuji X-M1 was announced that i decided to take the plunge, into Fuji world, i was a Canon user but my rebel is old, i need a new camera, i want a new camera.....i want a new camera that looks vintage, and only Fujis have beautiful vintage style digital camera....when Fuji X-M1 was announced, it was also the cheapest X series....same processor like the top end models, i was certain, i want it in silver! to me, the X-M1 looks best in silver, vintagey...just the way i like it....
but i guess thats what GAS made us or me, when i already owned it, it didnt feel retro, suddenly it looked like a normal camera... i guess my GAS is satisifed, just to own a brand new camera... suddenly all the appeal, lose its appeal..haha..

Then my GAS strikes me again in a space of 2 months i think, i want a really vintage looking camera....again!....i've been using my Fuji X-M1 and loving it, so i want to check out what other models fujifilm had released. Fuji X100s was already announced, read the reviews, it was a better camera than the predecessor, you know when GAS strikes, everything is cool with the camera. But an all black limited edition Fuji X100 was already announced too! and my god it looked sexy! i no longer find silver sexy...vintage sexy that is.... an all black camera is super sexy.... check out the fuji x100 in black below...

Yowzer!! isnt that sexy?? all of the sudden i hate silver... i dun really hate it but i would prefer an all black camera... but to buy an older camera doesnt make sense to me, the new one is all fixed and better camera than the old one but it only comes in silver, i've tried googling for a black fuji x100s and the fuji rep told that there are no plans to release an all black fuji x100s...even David from strobist blogspot wanted an all black x100s, he even gaffed taped his camera to all black.....but the all black Fuji X100 also cost more than the newer silver x100s....oh well to justify the price i bought the newer fuji x100s.... and i'm loving the camera!

but then of course they announced the all black fuji x100s this monday 6th Jan 2014.

Of course GAS tells me to get it.

its no longer OR,
its black AND silver.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just got back from KK, Sabah trip last year....actually its 4 days ago..

its a recent trip that i enjoyed much and also a trip that i make full use of my fujis, the x100s and x-m1, actually not much full use, im still a lazy photographer... but its the trip that i get to use my cameras... i used to just take pictures with iphone, i still do. its easy. i have an iphone 4. let me just wait a bit for iphone 6. anyway, i will be posting pictures from my KK trip soon.

Kota Kinabalu is famous for its mountain, the highest mountain in Borneo island. Even the state's flag features the mountain. i guess that is their identity. But for this trip it was covered in mist/fog.

too bad.

This chick saved my life....more like saved my negatives

Being a noob and all, when my recesky tlr camera could not advanced the film from my first picture taking, i wind it back till the negatives is fully inside the canister! gasp! thats another 35 frames unused! but here comes google and this hot chick to the rescue... her method works! i was able to pull out my negatives....although i mod the method a bit, i used a soft thin card instead of extra negative. hopefully my noobness did not exposed the film or broke the film...whatever... im still taking pics with the recesky and waiting to finish and develop the film.

fingers crossed!


Recesky.... in all its glory!

Still not sure if this thing takes pictures, i might have screwed up the shutter part of this camera.... anyway... with bright light i believe i'm exposing the film but not sure with indoors... found this thing is equivalent to aperture of f11... thats too small for indoor!

Cant wait to finish my ilford and see if i have good pics or just too black or too white of exposures... yikes!

Look Mama! What i just bought...

previous post, i've been talking about old classic vintage retro cameras, because right now thats what i'm into.... and my uncontrollable GAS.... so to ease my GAS a bit i went to a local camera store to get some pictures develop when i came across a vintage looking toy camera...

yes... my GAS wants a camera, toy or not, it looks vintage, it looks cool, ticks everything in GAS department.. anyway, this camera is DIY, you assemble your own in its painass chinese manual... its like building a gundam toy robot or car models...

it took me a good 2 hours to finish it and a sore ass. in the end with the help of google...thank god google...i found an English manual to help me with the mirror part. its here if you're looking for it:-

Cant wait to see the results... the only film they had was ill ford, lets see how the b&w turns out...

still cant believe this thing take pictures.
pressed the shutter, nothing happens.
so used to looking back at LCD
now its just wait and see...