Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Went for a trip to the inner parts of the Tutong district in Brunei Darussalam. Rambai to be exact. Brunei did not stop raining for almost a week, it did stop for a few hours and then it rained again. Heavy downfall. Water arisen, flood it becomes.

i went with a friend, driving in his Nissan Patrol, the old school patrol, not the new ones, something about us loving retro, vintage cars and that also goes to my cameras. i brought my x100s for the trip. He's going to visit his parents as their place was hit by flood but the day we came the water had lowered a bit. some parts of the road are still flooded but with higher cars/jeeps it was alright to drive, small cars, not so much.


 uh oh, flood. With Nissan Patrol.... piece of cake

 mud guard is really useful here. Without one the water splashes up right to my arm, almost wetted my x100s! Gasp!

 This house not so lucky. The upper part survived but the bottom, i think that is at waist level high. Hope today its fine now.

 Water did get in, if we didn't slow down, it will probably flooded the car. So note to self: Be slow and steady

next to a river is not helping

Our car did not stall, his parent's place was not flooded anymore. but we forgot to bring food supplies. felt like a dork.

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