Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fuji Instax SHARE printer

Arrgghh... i'm heading to Singapore next month, i'm gonna get me this muthafudger lil printer! and the X-T1 too! :D

Saw this on a japanese fujifilm website me thinks.... finally get to see the ad, the marketing of this printer.. looks fun! Oh i got this from here

Now i will make use of my iphone camera more... or i could upload pictures from my X-M1 to my iphone and print that..hmm!! That will be awesome... but speaking of my X-M1.....DAMN YOU MATT! haha *evil* laughs.... i'll post about it later...

But yea..... transfer your SLR pics, your Fuji X's pictures to your iphone and print it with the INSTAX SHARE printer....

that is frikkin genius!

SO what happen to INSTAX cameras???

i predict a downshift in sell figures for instax camera....shame... but the instax mini film will see the surge in sell figures too!

Oh how i wish they made it compatible with the wide instax film.... please fuji... do it live!

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