Monday, January 27, 2014

One week and no updates???

I must be run out of GAS. One week has passed and no updates. Well, nothing much in a week. I'm just waiting for the announcement of the X-T1, thats today! Come on X-T1 already!

I went out for a trip to the flooded area with my trusty X100S. When i was there its not that deep, it has watered down? i guess.. but some of the roads are still flooded though my friend's Nissan Patrol can go through it with no harm. i'll post that trip on another day.

Finally my wife found the battery charger for my Lumix LX3 after putting it somewhere in her bag for almost a year now. i can play around with my lumix then. The Lumix LX3 is the first "retro" camera that i hunted for. Back in the days before Fuji even started with this retro look camera, i was already looking for one. The closest i get was the Lumix LX3. and i bought it, end of story.

Olympus OM10 is still in my bag, since its using film, i've been waiting fo the right moment or the right precious time to take pictures since i am a cheapskate. Yes, i'm a cheapskate. Films cost money. Thats why id still prefer digital and the flexibility it offers. But i love Camera Film looks. Damn X-T1. Why cant you be really retro like the x100.

Oh and gasp..... my X-M1 is back alive!!!

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