Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I am Leica-less

I finally sold my Leica M8...sob..sob..sob...
And the guy got it at a pretty good deal. Comes with handgrip and a free Jupiter 8 lens.
He said its for his wedding gift...awwww... that would be a pretty cool gift!
Leica is so sexy man....
But its just not for me...
Even how awesome it was to hold and take pictures with it.
I just struggle with manual focusing. Its fine actually but i just preferred auto focus.
Thats why i love my Fuji X100T.
Its no leica. its no rangefinder. but for the photos i took, it does make me smile.
To be honest because of my GAS issue, i want a black X100T too!! now call me crazy....
I also want a black Leica M8.2.
At this moment i just want a black rangefinder looking camera.
So sleek and sexy.
I sold my M8 so i can fund a new Fuji camera.
X70 not so much nowadays.
I am really into X-T1 vs X-T10. Both in silver.
For hundred dollars less, i should get the X-T10 but i just love how the graphite silver of the X-T1 look. Oooooohhhhh.
Decisions decisions

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Throwback: On Rialto Bridge at night, Venice, Italy

Shot with X100S with WCL converter.

Such a beautiful city, day and night. On the Rialto Bridge, just looking out the river as far as my eyes can see and the lights that light up the city. I remember eating pasta and pizza next to the river. Pasta and pizza sounded cheesy.... italy = pasta n pizza. well literally it was cheesy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Throwback: Venice. On the Rialto Bridge. 2014.

Taken with my X100S.

I love Venice. I'm having good coffee and a great apartment to stay, something about a city with waters. I was at peace. Boats, gondola, ferries. This place is also packed with tourists. Great pasta and pizzas.