Monday, January 6, 2014

GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Man, screw gas. just last weekend i wanted a leica badly, digital or film, i mean AND film. i wanted all the Ms, from M3, M2, M4-p, M6 and M7.

Then i got wise. i wanted a black leica and metered ones, so it made my choice a bit easier, i had an M6 to choose. i didnt want an M7. my leica choices was based on japancamerahunter's blog "which is the best leica M for you?" ... He likes the M6, .....and me, i'm just a beginner to leica, well what the hell, just follow the guy. so i wanted a M6. but now i want the M7 too. fu#k!

i want it in black!

Just last week, i wanted vintage point and shoot film camera, from konica to vivitar to rollei to leica and etc...

I also wanted compact 35mm rangefinders, starting with olympus 35 rc to yashica electro 35 to leica cl... not to forget contax, minolta and others that i can find on ebay.. actually i already add the olympus to my ebay cart but then i dont remember how to put in my paypal password via mobile phone keypad. but then i also want an all black rangefinder so i decided not to get the olympus, back to surveying cameras.

i want it in black!

i also have a look at russian, soviet cheap cameras, leica copies, namely FED and others which i dont remember the name by now...

NOW, i'm back to looking at Fuji Xpro1.... yes, i've been eyeing the Xpro1 for a while now but knowing the new version is around the corner i might just wait but my GAS is telling me to get the used Xpro1 on ebay, it cost almost half as new ones... damn... should i pull the trigger?

Just last week, i wanted to shoot with film, now i'm back to digital!

Knowing the flexibility of digital over film, made me think of shooting with films, i also can recreate film looks with VSCO. but something about that vintage look of film cameras just make me drool. everytime!

i also found out that i'm not really the "Trigger Happy" buy it now kind of guy anymore... that is very fortunate....i guess..... Back in the days when i was active playing music, i'm a trigger happy buy it now ebay guy, saw a beautiful fender strat, i would just click Buy it now.... Boom.... one click boom!

Boom my wallet that is....

i had like more than 10 guitars at that moment.

i've been saying i wanted a black camera, now i dont mind a silver leica m7. what the hell is wrong with me?

At the moment i want a Ricoh GR with viewfinder and hood. Oooh sexy!

Damn, what is wrong with me?

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