Friday, January 10, 2014

Soviet cameras

 As of now i have this lust for Soviet cameras...made in USSR, somehow interesting. I never have stuffs from Russia. I mean wow.... First time i heard about this was when im searching for Leica on ebay. There were lots of Leica copies made by russia but that didnt really interest me though as i wanted a real Leica but then i had this GAS for compact 35mm so came popped up an all black compact camera, its a FED 5. Almost bought it cos it was cheap. It had a following too with some flickr sets taken with a FED. The pictures looked good but when ur on GAS, all the camera did will be marvelous. Even a shit photo will look good when you're on GAS. I also found out that its kinda cheap affordable camera making it even lustable. For collection. There are lots of brands, i only found a few but maybe theres more to it, i found FED, Zenit, Zorki, Smena, Kiev and still need to find others. If i didnt have the intention to win the bid for an Xpro1, i might have bought the Zenit yesterday, but i guess gotta wait to fund my Xpro1 lust. Yes....i'm collecting Fujis. Its not cheap but i think i can still sell it back as the market here has yet to venture Fuji products. Here photogs still craze for Canons and Nikon what not. But i do like the new Nikon DF, anything retro and im a fan. Im also eager for the new Fuji XT1, weather sealed classic SLR. I hope the styling is boxy. I should justget the new XT1 and wait for the new Xpro1S but my GAS waits for nobody. rambling, lets get back to what his face... cameras in general. Anybody can recommend me a good cheap fun russia camera?

It gotta sit on the shelf looking handsome.

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