Sunday, January 12, 2014

First attempt at night photography

This is taken from my hotel window. First attempt. i never done any night photography. i always imagined i do. im just so lazy to go out at night and take photos. But i do read on the how to, Rule of 600/400, star trails, long exposure and so on. Oh by the way this is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This hotel is located at the mountain's foot? lol... just somewhere in between...lets just say im at the mountainous area. Was looking out my hotel window when i realised that the sky was super clear. There were stars. so i quickly took my XM1 out of the bag and get my small tripod. Those tripod work wonders!. Set it to 25second and playing around with the ISOs, aperture wide open, mine was f/3.5. Set the self timer to 2 second and boom!

i was in awe with my results. its not the best night photography, im not gonna win whatever photographers price out there but it was my first attempt and i was really surprised that it looked damn good. i couldnt believe that so many stars are actually in the sky. it was really fun.

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