Saturday, August 22, 2015

Looks like my one pic a day didnt work out...

My last posts was on June. Now its almost September. and as expected, i didnt update my blog that frequently as i would have liked. No one picture a day. I was really optimistic when i wrote that post. But as usual, i didnt managed to do it. I didnt even finished my 365 project. boohoo oh well. Enough!

Again, as usual, if i suddenly feeling the urge to update my blog that can only mean one thing. GAS!!!!!!!!!
Yes, fucking GAS!!!!!!!

I sold all of my Fuji cameras (in the hope of getting a new X100T or waiting for X200), and i'm left with a Leica M8 and a Sony RX100iii..... i hope i wont be selling that little gem, the RX100iii. cos its a great camera for its size.

Now i'm GASing for its big brother, the Sony A7!!!!!

With new models coming in, the A7 just got cheaper. Its cheaper than a brand new Fujifilm. and A7 is full frame. But seriously i need to get that Full Frame Vs Crop mentality out of my head because with new technologies so advanced nowadays, Crop sensor can actually challenge a Full Frame sensor, IQ wise.  Anyway back to Sony A7, I found a deal a used Sony A7 with the kit lens only cost a grand. But im kinda short on money so i'm thinking of swapping my Leica M8 for it, its nuts but yea im really on GAS. I didnt really use much of the Leica and i want to try the Sony A7 very much. Where i'm living there's no rent no nothing here so the only solution is to buy and try. it sucks but yea i am accustomed to my country way of living.

Sony A7 dont really have much choice of native lens but it can be used with old lenses with the use of adapter. its intriguing but i'd prefer auto focus lens but u see the versatility.

Anyway, Sony A7 For The Win!!!!