Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fuji EF-X20, not a review...

Just recently received my new Fuji "GAS" flash, the EF X-20, i bought used on Ebay, haven't really put it to use, just some light testing, just to test if its working properly. As you can see above it works marvellously, and wirelessly.... It's not really wireless, but it is not wired, its in slave mode, as long it detects a flash, it will fire simultaneously. really nice for off camera strobing, too bad this wont work on the X-pro1 as the pro didnt have a built in flash to fire the flash, this works great on x100s but i haven't really test it to its full potential. Of course my Yongnuos are better. Sorry for the heavy crop on the picture above, my desk is really messy and to i need to crop some 'unwanted classified for my eyes only' 'stuffs' on the desk. LOL.

All in all for being smaller in size, i think its a good travelling flash and pair it with the x100s, should be nice to have off camera flash to play with. But in theory in broad daylight it might be having difficulties to detect the master flash from the x100s, i haven't try it, i'll make an update on another post when i have the time to test it.

While the x100s built-in flash is nice but if you want more power, this is a great combo.

And i love the direct hard flash ala Terry Richardson outcome!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random 35

Sometimes, i just have no idea what to rant about, but i have some pictures that i would like to post. Just to update the blog. ya know, its kind of like a diary to me. maybe in the future i can look back and read all the nonsense that i had written.

So i'm calling this new set "Random 35", just some random collection of pictures from my X100S.

Handheld, x100s, night shot wide open at f2, iso3200 at 1/25s

Having a conversation with my head

I'm in dilemma....

What i am thinking right now....

What's in my head.....

Those are just some of the supposedly titles for this post, really its just about ranting. I have so many thoughts and i'd like to put it down on paper or to be more precise on my blog. and of course i'm thinking about cameras and gears. it just never stops. GAS is just everywhere. new gears, old gears, as long its for sale, i'm here to buy it. As if i have a million dollars in my bank account. Such a bad disease to have. Yes, i'm calling it a disease. GAS is a disease. Its an obsession. More gears doesn't equal better photos. But then i just like it because its like buying toys. Boys never grow up. I told you this.

So what am i thinking and doing right now? Well, for starters, i still browse around ebay looking for a cheap used Leica M8, hopefully winning the bid in a tight budget of $2k and preferably in silver, as the blacks look common nowadays for a leica, the silver looks rare and old school like those leica M2s, M3s. The average trending prices for a used Leica M8 on ebay is around $1500-$2000 and of course higher depends on the seller. and that's body only! As for lens, i'm looking at the cheaper options available which is the voigtlander's, and those sells for $400-$600 and higher depends on how fast the lens is. I'm looking at the Voigtlander 35mm 2.5, 40mm 1.4, 21mm f4, and those lenses ranges in that $400 - $600. So a body + one lens is gonna cost me about $2600 US dollars. Phew!! With that money i could buy a new Fuji X-T1 + kit lens plus one prime lens but then i wanna experience the M. I want to shoot a Leica. Thats whats in my head right now and ever since i got into photography which is merely 11 years ago, i want to own a Leica and now that i have a job for a good 10 years, i should be able to save up for a Leica. but based on reviews, the Fujis are the better cameras, especially in high ISO. So why still looking for a Leica? ...................................................................I just need to fulfil my dreams.

X-pro1 vs X100S

I gotta be honest right now, my favourite camera and still is the undisputed winner, my X100S. Period. Why? Its simple. Just switched it on, and start taking pictures. With its fast lens at f2, it's so nice and easy to get that bokeh. and it is also smaller and lighter than the X-pro1. less bulkier. If i'm opening my camera bag, it will always be the x100s to be grabbed. I think it also got to do with its IQ. i think the new sensor, makes it much cleaner and somewhat more contrasty, punchy JPGs when chimping. Maybe this has got to do with the quality of the LCD, i dont know. When i shoot with my X100S, i always looked at the 1.5sec playback review and it just puts a smile on my face when i look how contrasty, punchy and clean the images look. i felt the opposite with the X-pro1, somehow on its playback review the images look washed out although it actually didnt matter as you can edit it in lightroom. Must be the LCD. Maybe its just placebo. and its also unfair to the X-pro1, as its lens is not as fast as the X100S, time to get the 35mm 1.4? and see if my X100S is still the favourite.

Speaking of X100S, i'm having trouble choosing which is my ultimate camera for travelling. Should i go with the Xpro1 or the X100S, my heart says X100S, and with its nice add-ons, the wide conversion lens and the new tele conversion lens makes my life difficult over which cameras to choose. Why difficult? Because if i bought the WCL, it gives me a 28mm perspective which i already own (X-pro1 with 18-55), and then if i buy the TCL, in the future i have a plan to buy the 35mm 1.4 for my Fuji X-Pro1.... so all in all, its a bit redundant, dont you think?

28mm, 35mm and 50mm is all i 'mostly' need for my kind of photography. The Fuji X100S with both add-ons is a very nice complete kit. Perfect for travel! i'd love to buy both converters but that will make my X-pro1 collecting dust. and then the redundant issue.

Ah well..... story of my life

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi, My Name is Dark Moody

I'm beginning to dig the look of my 'Andy Lee' wannabe look. It has the sort of surreal feel, painted look and really dark mood feeling about it, as if its about to rain in a few minutes. I dont really shoot a lot of landscapes lately or ever but now that i have that 'dark mood look' recipe, i wanna try it on all of my landscapes pictures but first i need to shoot more landscapes. I've been digging my library and see if i can find more landscapes pictures but alas there's only a few. Shucks! I need to get my ass off this couch and start taking photos!

I found a few photos from my last year's trip to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. I'm diggin the look. I'm calling this my "Dark Moody" set.

All shots taken with Fuji X-M1.
Awesome little camera!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rumor Patrol...

So there will be a new upgraded, updated X-T1?? That will pissed a lot of early X-T1 adopters. It's still a rumor but if its true i'm surprised with fuji's move. The X-T1 is only just 6 months old and there's already a successor line up? What happen to the Kaizen philosophy? Usually the first step is, Fuji will push new firmwares to update or upgrade the camera but now it seems they are pushing a new updated X-T1 instead. As if the present X-T1 is a prototype and we customers are camera testers except that we spent money to test it. But then again this is just a rumor.

Speaking of firmwares, there will be new firmwares for the old X series cameras, which includes the x-pro1, wishful thinking is that they improve the x-pro1 features wise or performance wise but then the reality is, its only probably a firmware to detect the new weather sealed lens that is about to be announce.

And then there's the x100t...

Exciting times exciting times

Rumors via fujirumors

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Mauricio Pochettino is NOT the right man for Tottenham........ But i might be wrong!

I just had to take this out of my chest.
To Americans, i'm talking about English soccer.
Ok, you can go back to whatever you're doing. lol
To Tottenham fans, well, i'm a Tottenham fan ever since Gary Lineker was in the team. And then there's Les Ferdinand, David Ginola, Jurgen Klinsmann, Darren Anderton, Edgar Davids, Teddy Sheringham and of course Gareth Bale.

photo from

Why Mauricio Pochettino is not the right man? Well, based on statistics, last season we beat them twice while he's in charge. Even Tim Sherwood's Tottenham won against Mauricio's Saints. and AVB's Spurs was above Southampton in the table. Which can or cannot mean, that our previous managers are better. Statistically. Why bring mid-table head coach to Spurs? Are we going back to where we've been a decade ago? A mid-table team.... thats what a gooner gonna and always say. We were never above Arsenal in the league when Arsene is in charge and still is in charge. Tottenham keep changing managers, i was rooting for AVB to be our long term manager but his football is a pain in the ass. It's enduring! When he was in charge, i've skipped a lot of Spurs games. It is just not worth watching. and he's stubbornness cost him his job. i think we should have stick with Redknapp although he never rotates the team and likes to talk bull but he did gave us Champions league qualification.

But i might be wrong. I have to admit, Southampton did play beautiful football. and it was a tough team to beat when Mauricio was in charge. Southampton was never a mid table team, they were more of a team that is closer to relegation. no offense. But Mauricio did turned things for them. Made them exciting, made them superstars, made them highest in the league in Southampton's history, beautiful to watch football, and making me nervous of playing against Southampton and boy was i relieved that we were able to beat them. So that do say something about Mauricio.

But then again, statistics is statistics, in 60 games, Mauricio won 23, draw 18 and lose 19, with a winning percentage of 34.39%. It's not convincing to say the least.

We should have appointed someone with a winning CV, people like Benitez, Mancini, De Boer and almost Van Gaal. AVB had the better CV than Mauricio but i still think he is unlucky (AVB) to get the players that he wanted to suit his style of play. Really? Played Dawson with a high line defense? LOL. No offense. Dawson is a great defender but he cant play high line defense. He's too slow. Let's just say it didnt suit him nicely.

But i hope i'm wrong. I do get excited to see him in action. but that's the thing, get excited season after season with new appointments, new signings (last season's signing was a mess) and hoping for the best which is not the case. Let's just hope that our players are better players than Southampton's and get that winning formula. If that is not the case, then we're back to mid-table, where we were most comfortable.

My 'Andy Lee' Wannabe photo

I was reading dpreview when i stumbled upon an article featuring Andy Lee with his Iceland in Infrared landscapes photos. I'm not so much into landscapes, i love it but its always been done to death. "Hey, look at that, a mountain!" ..(setup tripod, set long exposure, shoot). I'm not saying that its not beautiful, it is beautiful when done my eyes. What i'm trying to say is, our eyes are the best camera of all time. No camera can replicate what our eyes can see. So when you shot landscapes, sometimes you'll say to yourself, "It's nicer to see and experienced it with your own eyes than looking at photographs" or maybe i just sucked at photography. I guess its the latter. It's like my first time looking at the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes, i'm just in awe and it was breathtaking. I didn't have that same feeling when i look at a poster of Eiffel Tower. So when you look at pictures of landscapes and it was breathtaking, it makes you wanna go there and experience it yourself but to find out later, that place was just normal looking, it is beautiful, dont get me wrong but the pictures look nicer, then you got yourself a 'landscape photographer' genius. Andy Lee is one of them. When i look at Andy's pictures, i'm just inspired. It is my cup of tea. Bravo, bravo, that is nicely done. It's how he post-process his pictures, i bet if its OOC, its just normal looking landscapes but then he laid down his personal touch and OOoommpphh.... breathless!

For me, its all in the post processing, composition and light. Chasing light. I dont have neither. I'm still looking for post processing recipes and light? Me chasing light? Maybe the light chases me and if lucky i got a camera in my hand. and then came composition..... i'd be damn lucky if i got it right.

Here's my wannabe 'Andy Lee' look .... its not anywhere close....

So to Andy, Good Job, Bravo and i salute you...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monday Blues.... Oh wait...It's Thursday

Maybe the weekend is coming, i'm just on hibernation mode. I wish i could stay in bed and look at the ceiling but we all gotta work. Now i'm just figuring my next move. Should i bid the Leica M8 just for GAS's sake? Or i should just ignore GAS? As history shows, GAS always won. I'm a slave to my desire. Not good at all, not good at all. Something about a Leica, i just wanted to have it, owned it. Its something i always wanted to do or have. Owned and shoot a Leica. It is just like owning a Harley Davidson, now that i own it, i'm not looking at other bikes. I hope i'm like that with Leica, because i'm actually tired of GASing for cameras. I should just concentrate on taking pictures or get another hobby or back to playing music. My Fujis are the best in the business, i have the cameras, i dont need no other cameras, i just need to shoot shoot shoot. but that's the thing, these gears, these cameras are just like toys to me. I mean we men never grow up. We still buy toys except that it is more expensive. You know we jumped for joy like a little boy when we get our so called "toys". I hate GAS. i totally am but i need it to feel alive LOL. Wait till my bank account goes zeros then lets see if i still feel alive!

Anyway, my mood at the moment is making my pictures over-processed, wayward colours, desaturated, contrasty, painted look, orthodox, all mix into one or not. I guess i'm bored. or i want to find/do/look something different. I'm not gonna print these over-processed pictures, just for web, just for fun. It's funny when i visited photography or camera forums, people or trolls get too critique, or attacking/bashing each other, especially fanboys who got really defensive and start swearing, attacking, arguing, fighting, and then there's the ego maniacs, and so on... i wont go into details but you know what i mean, you stumbled across this once in a while if you surf a lot on the internet. Why fight, why argue in the first place? Are we in the Olympics? Is there a gold medal to win for? When people start giving harsh critiques to someone else's photos, didn't they ever think that he/she wanted it to look like that? It's their taste, their cup of tea, who gives a sh!t what critiques have to say but of course being human, we were born with anger in one of our DNA and of course we got defensive and start arguing. i mean it's just a waste of time, arguing over the internet with no real winner of the debate competition which is not even taking place..... Oh boy i got too deep + emotional here... must be the monday blues eh wait, its thursday...weekend blues it is...... Its just sad to see our human civilisation is not even civilised...Sorry i just had to rant...You know how rants are...just got way off topic..........................

I believe taking photos are for the passion, pleasure, for fun, be it snapshot, documentary, reportage, art, manipulator, and the list goes on... but the root of it must be the passion, for the love of it.

Anyway, my mood at the moment is making my pictures over-processed, wayward colours, hey... didn't i already said this?

Lets put some random pictures, enough of this ramblings. Because a picture speaks a thousand words.

Some over-processed pictures goodies.

 Dark skies, moody landscape. Just like how i'm feeling today

There are times when i like to see things differently. Different colours. Like you're in a movie, the colours were never 'normal'. 

To photo nerds, this is taken with my Fuji X-M1 + kit lens. This is in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Kundasang, Malaysia, at Mount Kinabalu, ...far away from the city...... Thank god they have KFC here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm a sucker for presets.

I'm a sucker for Lightroom/Photoshop presets. Period. I'm just too lazy. One-click-boom. Thats why i love VSCO presets. They are so worth it. Recreate film looks, polaroid looks.... ya know, those vintage looks. But at the moment, i'm done with film looks, i got a bit tired of it. But thats today, maybe tomorrow i'm back into it. Right now, i'm into those contrasty but desaturated colors. I was actually looking for a tutorial on recreating that look when i stumbled upon free presets for Lightroom. See, i'm not that lazy, i want to learn on how to recreate those looks but instead i found presets thus diverted me from learning to just using the presets. Lazy over learning. Nice.

While browsing the internet, i found presets and tutorials but mostly free preset on creating gritty, grungy look, which is the look im into right now, some are really nice which made me search for more free presets all over the net. Who doesnt like free stuffs right?

While on the topic of grunge look, I also stumbled across a bloke named Dave Hill. Though his pictures are nice but not really my type, i mean i really like it but i'm not gonna use it all the time. and then there's the DRAGAN effect too. Based on my findings these free presets that tried to recreate the grunge, dave hill and dragan effect look are mostly pushing the sliders in lightroom to the max!

Highlights pushed to 100
Shadows pushed to 100
Blacks bring down to balance the look
Clarity pushed to, yes you guess it right, to 100. I love pushed clarity. Gave that painted look
Vibrance pushed to 100
Saturation pull to taste, -50, depends on how unsaturated look you're looking for.
Exposure to taste.

Some presets pushed the sharpness too hard, like 80, but for my taste i pulled a bit and just play around with it.

Let's use a sample image i've downloaded from Robin Wong EM10. I hope he don't mind. This are not my photo. It's Robin's.

Original File 

This is my Bleach Bypass look, i've edited from Lightroom's own bleach bypass preset 

 Not too forget, the "300" look, i found this lightroom preset on google

I called this my Wannabe Dave Hill look although i adjusted to my liking. I dont remember which preset i based this on. but i adjusted it to make it less painted effect.
*I based this on the Grunge preset i found on google*

Some may dig the look, some may not. Its for fun, sometimes i just want to push the files to never before land lols.

Oh what's in the mail???

The post office here is so slow. Period. I've ordered stuffs from ebay, and the wait period is like a month or two. and its only from China. The US stuffs came here pretty quick and i thought China is closer. Apparently, the stuffs arrived early but the post office or the postmen here decided to keep it in the store room for a month or so as they are busy partying. no joke. I've lost tracked of what i ordered, but those with tracking numbers are safely sound while the others that dont have tracking numbers, well.... be prepared for doom.

Anyway, i've bought my self a fake leather sling shoulder camera bag and its pretty neat. i love it. its small and looks good. i also bought a canvas type but thats bigger and heavier. I was on GAS, so i bought both bags, maybe i'll add another one. this fake leather is nice. I want a bag that i can use for travelling and carry my camera, i think i've found it.

I'm into desaturated colors these days so trust me, its not your monitor, it doesnt need calibrating.

It can fit both my X100s + X-Pro1 with the 18-55 kit lens, a nexus 7 tablet, a selfie monopod (ahaks), 2 X-pro1 batts, 1 x100s batt, an earphone, a few sd cards....

I also received my soft release shutter button shown in red on the X-pro1.

There are 2 front pockets, 1 back pocket and inside there's a camera padding insert.

I have a trip to London coming. I have the bag but cant decide which camera to bring. X100S or X-pro1 ..... arggh like i said, i hate choices.

Just search on Ebay using these words "Vintage britpop camera bag" ... if you're interested. Mostly the sellers are from Hong Kong or China.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I missed my X100S... Lets go Lunch...

Been shooting with the X-Pro1 ever since i got it, and little attention did my X100S get. To be honest i prefer my X100S for its size. The X-Pro1 with the Zoom lens is just too big, no, i meant quite big, SLR is bigger! The zoom kit lens is just too long. Should have bought the primes! Gaahh... i hate choices. Anyway, i prefer the images that my X100S created. somewhat contrasty. and with the leaf shutter, its dead quiet! But dead quiet doesnt equate balls. Balls to shoot strangers, up close and personal. i still take pictures as quick as possible and always resulted in motion blur. I hate doing candid street photography but really like the genre. Capturing day to day life moments. If only i'm Bruce Gilden, steel balls that guy.

Anyway, i brought my x100s for lunch today. Been using the X100S lately, oh boy i really missed it. Really love playing with the bokehs. I should get the 35mm for the X-Pro so i can appreciate the bokehness. With the zoom kit lens, its just 'meh'. But i love the OIS on that one. slow shutter speed and sharp pictures! Always a compromise. Slower lens + OIS, Fast lens no OIS... why not both? I hope the new X3000000Z will have fast lens + OIS.

With the X100S i just love shooting wide open. Bokeh there, Bokeh this. Amazing it is this little camera. I'm also playing with the bleach bypass look. Although it wont work on food photography. it looked pale like zombies foods, or that langolier movie. i used polaroid 690 preset on the food photos. All are shot with X100S.

 Although the x100s able to focus this close, i noticed that its a bit soft. maybe its the F2. i dunno. i aint no scientist.

 Lunch with a zombie. Hold your eye, Z.

 I love the bleach bypass look of this picture except for the motion blur. Arghh.. steel balls please grow.
FEAR overcame me so i took this shot quickly and thus equal motion blur.

 Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

 Coffee bun but no coffee taste. i'm ripped off. I should color you with my bleach bypass preset because thats how you taste. Booo

Ribs with soggy rice. 'Meh'

Really fun just shooting with the X100S. Bring everywhere anywhere camera. Do i still think of the Leica M8? Yes i do. because GAS said so! 


Just for fun, here's the Coffee Bun with my bleach bypass preset..

Pale, just like how it tasted

Going down that rabbit hole

Okay, i'm ready. Swallow the red pill. The red-dot pill to be exact! Yes, i'm going Leica. Its time to stop pretending. I have always like Leica. Love Leica. Never touch it though. Just fell in love with the beauty. Something about it, just makes it special. That red dot.
My Fujis will always be under its shadows. You know its true. Even if you tell everyone Fuji is the real deal, better image quality, better high iso but still it is not a Leica. People will always ask,

"is that a Leica?" pointing to the X100S.

"NO", you said, "Its a Fuji, it takes nice pictures, sharp bla bla bla bla bla".

Thats what people gonna hear you say, just right after you said Fuji. They are not gonna care of its IQ, high isos etc etc just because its not a Leica. Its their loss. But somehow you feel them. Its like driving a red mitsubishi GTO with a Ferrari sticker on it. Or a Yamaha Dragstar with a Harley Davidson sticker on it. or worse, stick on a Leica red dot on the Fuji X100s. Ouch! You know its the better deal but still its a fake, copy or imitator. Usually i dont care for these imitation stuffs. i dont care what people think. i still dont care about what people think . But i still want the original, the real deal, the pride, the classic, the high class, the legendary,  Leica. Its the Ferrari of cameras. You'd know how you feel if you own a Ferrari. Its not for show-off, maybe just a little but its just something about it. Lets just say, enthusiast and passion. plus GAS.

There's no turning back, if i'm going Leica, i'm going all the way. No, i'm not gonna get the M240. The price is way up high for a single camera. I hope i'm not that mad and spent al my savings. Still not even an M9. I'm looking at the M8 and the X2. and the digilux2. Now thats GAS driven. I'm still keeping my Fujis. Those are for my wedding/engagement work. With Leica, i want to taste Leica, i want to experience Leica. Lets use a real rangefinder. Stop using copy, use the original.

I hope i find the experience i'm looking for.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GAS alert...

And i thought i'm done lusting for a leica, boy i was wrong. With all the rangfinder-ish look of the Fujis that i owned, i thought i would stop looking at the leicas. I guess thats what happen when you bought a "copy" instead of the true original, in the end you still be thinking of the latter. If you ever read the beginnings of this blog, i was lusting for leicas, film leicas, since its price is at the budget zone. I wanted the Leica experience. I wanted to shoot film but since it is costly and theres no more professional film developer here anymore, and the flexibility of digital, i just stick to digital. With the help of VSCO, i can create similar films look. So bye bye Film. Bye bye Film Leica.

So how did i come back to lusting Leica? It started with the x2. I cant believe i "missed" this model. I thought i knew all the Digital Leica models. Maybe because it didnt have that OVF look on it, that's why i skipped looking at it. Maybe i'm just looking at the M's and forget everything else. Maybe i've already owned the Fujis that i wanted and start GAS-ing other cameras. Actually i'm GASing for that new Sony RX100iii and then i found on google, someone made a comparison between the old Sony RX100ii and the Leica X2. Thats when i started to do a research on the X2. It is similar to the Fuji X100s. To be honest the Fuji is more handsome but that red dot..... that red dot is what make this Leica apart from the other cameras. Just something about it i cant explain. Its like looking at a beautiful girl, just something about their pretty eyes you just cant explain. and thats what happened to me if i see a Leica. And thats when i started GASing for the Leica again.
Taken from
That is one sexy camera.

As usual i would search for it on ebay to see the price ranges, used and new, the used ones seems to be in the budget zone of mine. But thats when i stumble on the leica m8. The price differences was not really that far off, might as well go for the M instead of the x2. I always wanted the M, never really was a fan of the x2. I have the habit of owning everything else except the ultimate one. instead i should have kept that money that i spent on "everything else" and bought the ultimate one, in this case, the Leica M. One example, I have a Harley Davidson but before i bought my ultimate/dream bike, the Harley Davidson, i bought two bikes before i bought the Harley, a scooter and an off-road bike. i mean, i should have just bought the Harley ONLY instead of the other 2 bikes. I am really having a serious GAS condition.

Back to Leica, so the M8 is my only option at the moment as the others are still budget-wise out of the question or out of the equation....

taken from

i dont know why i wanted the M8, my Fujis are better, being an enthusiast, i guess i just had to experience a Leica M once in a lifetime.

So now the question that begs an answer,
Silver or Black?!

I hate choices!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello Kuala Lumpur

Went to Kuala Lumpur last week over the weekend for a family trip, i thought i would take a lot of photos and man i was wrong. When you got your hands on the kids stroller all the time, you don't have a chance to take your camera out of your bag. Even if i did, we were quite rushing going places and there's no quality time with my X-pro1. I guess thats why i'd still prefer my iphone as a camera, its easy just slip in my pocket, cant do that with any of my Fujis. Looking to see if i can fit the new Sony Rx100 iii into my pocket, then it'll be my new toy!! C'mon Fuji, announce your new cameras!

7 adults and 7 kids and i'm being kind of the tour guide as i'm bringing first timers. there's no stopping, just walk, eat, shop and go! I don't want to bore or make them wait for me to take photos. 3 days are not enough for first timers going to Kuala Lumpur, too many places to visit, so it was like rushing/amazing race all the time. It was fun actually, my only gripe was the bullshit driver of ours who seems to be much more in a rush than us. All in all it was a great trip, too bad i didn't take a lot of photos as i liked to.


Above the clouds 

Lost balloons 

Busking N Robbins 

Not bad, not bad at all


Night Market

To photogs nerds, these are all shot with an X-Pro1 + 18-55mm lens, edited in Lightroom with VSCO film presets. 

I'm also trying a different perspective, unconventional, quirky, unorthodox, screw-rule-of-thirds, out of the box ways of taking a photos+compositions. Just trying to be different than what i'm used to. Pretty or not, improve or not, as long as it captures the moments, the story, its fine with me.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

That new Sony is intriguing

Yep, the new RX100 iii is really such a cool camera, intriguing to say the least, fast lens and a pop up EVF! Who would think of that?!! I'm waiting for a review and see if i will add this camera to my collection. Im looking for a pocketable camera for travel and the sony seems to fit the bill, i still love my fujis but i still prefer small pocketable camera cos im lazy, im lazy to take out my camera from its bag again n again everytime i wanna take a picture, im not the type of guy who always sling the camera over my shoulder everytime, im afraid of knocks n bumps and dust and water, i like to cover n keep my camera in the bag, maybe i should stop pampering the camera too much. I think my best camera is my iphone although IQ wise its easily defeated by real cameras, maybe i should wait till iphone can create stunning images like Fuji!

Back to Sony, im always intrigue with Sony cameras, in fact 9years ago my camera for my honeymoon was a sony and at that time i was blown away with its quality, but being a Sony back then i hate that they used their own proprietary memory card  n they are not a real camera company lol. So sony was never on my radar if im looking for a real camera, but with the rise of mirrorless camera everyone seems to praise Sony, being small and full frame, and great IQ. i was really interested with the new alpha7s for its low light capability, im waiting for review but it seems that camera is focusing more towards video instead of stills, and the price is way out of my budget but the rx100 seems to be in my budget zone haha (GAS talk)...and the rx100 seems to be a great camera for travel. So where is this review? Cmon internet!

But as much as i wait for the Sony reviews, im also waiting for Fuji announcements of their new cameras, the X30, x200 and the x-pro2. We'll see what Fuji have up in their sleeves.