Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Instax 210

taken with Fujifilm X100S

I love this camera. Instant film. Polaroid-like or polaroid killer. My first instant film camera. Dont you just love how the image appears right before your eyes. i told you before in my previous post that id love printed picture, not to store pictures in your iphones or hard drive. This is the sh*t. This is how i become a Fuji Fanboy. Starting with the instax. and then the X series came along. Fujifilm makes things right for me. and everyone else i must say. because there's a growing fan base or a cult following. When i got this baby, nobody is selling these in my country. Nowadays you can find it in almost every camera shop in town. Told you, a cult is growing. my worries are gone. More films to be made. When i bought it i was worried Fuji will abandon a sinking ship. but this ship is not gonna sink. Instax are putting themselves big on the map.

Then they came up with the Instax Share printer.

Even Bigger!


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