Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Convincing myself to get a PEN F

At the moment, i am convincing myself to get an Olympus PEN F.
Been reading a lot of reviews on the net and youtube.
When there's a negative review i would just brush it aside and say "He's probably a noob"
I read what i want to read, i listen what i wanted to listen, i see what i wanted to see.
If you tell me otherwise i would shut it.
That is GAS my friends. I have uncontrollable GAS.
When it was launched i could not care less about it.
Saw it on the store shelf before, i just walked pass it.
But somehow now, as of today, i really want one.
Oh the PEN F. Why would i go back to smaller sensor?
I convinced myself that i needed a smaller camera and smaller lenses.
Olympus Image Quality is decent for what i do mostly.
I never printed large. I'd imagine i would do someday but that day never comes.
I did print once but it was only 3R and 8x10.
Shyeah, Olympus can manage that. Just as long as i dont shoot at ISO6400.
But for the price of the PEN F, i can also get a Fuji X100F,
which i drooled over last time but now not anymore.
If only i have money coming out of the tap.
TO be honest, my A6000 is considered compact but NO, i still want Oly.
So what now?
Im thinking what else is there i need to sell to fund my Oly GAS.
Posted my Guitar on sale but nobody seems to be interested.
Cos they dont know about brands... all they do is low balling and buy stuffs from China.
F U, im selling a USA made Gibson SG.
Come on show me the money!
I want to buy the PEN F please.
If only Lensrental ships worldwide.
Or a rental store is available from where i come from.
You know the drill.
Once i got the Oly, then i want a Fuji and then i would want a Sony...
it keeps coming back, rolling over and over.
If only i do this for money.
that would be ok right?
wWhy cant i be happy with my own camera?
I used to be happy with a Fuji.
But there are other ways to like a different brand and find fault with what i have.
I probably own the PEN F when i updated this blog next time.
Remember when i say i dont like the silver PEN F? Well thats the color i want now!

taken from youtube

Thursday, June 8, 2017

GAH!!! Another Day Another GAS!

So here i am reading countless camera reviews...
And lately i am reading about Olympus.
I dunno why i m attracted with Micro Four Thirds format again.
Im sure the camera aesthetics played a very big part as i love retro camera designs.
I remember i told myself never again. Its not that it sucks. it just that id prefer Fuji images.
Well its physics. Small sensor vs bigger sensor.
I'm looking for a smaller package.
My Sony A7S is not really that large except for its lenses.
Its no larger than say a Fuji X-T2 or Oly EM1.
But maybe its not retro enough.
I dunno why im not looking into Fuji X100F anymore. Well thats GAS for you.
One second Fuji, the next Olympus.
I was really interested with the OMD EM10ii as i found cheaper deals on ebay.
I was a bit surprised that it has gotten so cheap, maybe it wasnt that new anymore.
Maybe July they'll announced a version 3 with the newer sensor.
Thats why the ver 2 is cheap nowadays.
I wasnt really interested with Olympus PEN F. Especially the silver, the silver is not nice in my eyes.
But last night i started to read reviews about the PEN F.
I convinced myself it will have better HIGH ISOs but i knew in my heart my Sony is better.
Why HIGH ISOs? Because i like to take pictures of my kids indoors where light is dimmer.
But just 2 days ago i read reviews of OMD EM1.
I need rehab. my GAS is uncontrollable.
I thought i can buy all cameras with my hard earned cash.
But lets be honest, i will be broke if i keep on going like this.
But what do you think of the Olympus PEN F?

photo by Olympus

Monday, June 5, 2017

Who here loves reading camera reviews? i do...

I love reading camera reviews... whats not to like? There are mostly positives and that leads to GAS or at least helps building up GAS. I have GAS. I'm sick of my GAS problems. Because im not bloody rich, if i was id buy all the cameras i can think of.

At the moment i am GASing for Olympus. What gives? Why would i downgrade from a Full Frame sensor to a micro four thirds? Like i always said, i am more into aesthetic.... Olympus and Fuji looks like old skool camera, Sony meh... they look like boxes bahahaha but i love the IQ i get from Sony. And i was never happy with my Olympus EM10 before, so i dunno why i would like to get my hands on the Em10ii. It just look so good. like old Film Olympus camera. Maybe thats why. and somehow it is cheaper! than the predecessor. i bought my EM10 at about $1200SGD, now its only $600-700 Singapore dollars.

If only there is a rental for camera here, at least i can let off my GAS. If i want it id buy it but sadly here i have to buy it to test it.... GAS wins everytime....

Sorry for the random rant.


By Chris Gampat of phoblographer, he always takes beautiful photos of cameras... not helping my GAS though..