Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is that a leica?

Thats what my uncle asked me when i put my fuji x100s on the table, 
...of course...
i said no, i told him its a fuji, and he replied "oh i thought its a leica"... It was obvious, leica has a reputation, fuji? Well i guess not. It made sense, the x100s was designed to look like the famous rangefinder of all time,.... the leicas. for me leica is like the ferari of cameras.. 

Of course GAS strikes, telling me "Damn! Time to own a leica!"

I never once thought to ever own a leica. The price is just way too much of an affordable teritory, if i heard someone own a leica, id be like amazed, in my head id be like "wow! Rich,rich,rich,rich" or what my friend always said "rich bitch"

Now im eyeing ebay for used leica...

Have i told you that i want to shoot film?

Yes, i love vintage look camera so much, id just get the real thing, the vintage cameras themselves.

For leica, theres so much to choose! M2,M3,M4,M5,M6,M7

The digital ones are still in break your bank territory, id just get the films ones!

But of course, 

GAS will break your bank ( i want to collect em all leicas!)

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