Sunday, February 8, 2015

GAS alert... OMD EM5 II ...

I have always taken interest with OMD EM5 ever since i got a hold of its younger brother EM10. Always looking around on Ebay for the best deals. Its almost the same camera EM10 and EM5 but im not sure why i always wanted to try the EM5. Maybe because of its 5 axis stabilizer. maybe because its weather sealed. Maybe its just GAS. i believe it was GAS all along. But i never did it. I never own the EM5. But now with the newly announced EM5 II, i'm all GAS juice. The upgrade is not minor [*lookingatfuji* (*_*')], it seems much better spec than the flagship EM1, thats what they say. Ever since i owned a few cameras from different manufacturers, i can safely assume, Olympus is the most featured while Fuji has the best IQ and Sony RX100M3 is the best high end compact. Now that i learned to love smaller sensor IQ (1inch Sony), now i'm trying to like Olympus micro 4/3 sensor. whereas before i bashed them when i compared to Fuji. Because back then i just like to zoom 1:1 pixel peep kinda. its exhausting. Its a mistake, its a learning process. Oh well, another GAS excuses, i think. Although i wished the Em5II would look like an OM10 but it never will, why? i dont know. Maybe poor handling. but gotta love the retro look of the OM10.

 taken from one of my favourite sites for reading camera reviews

taken from

Go check out EM5II via google and give it some love.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Leica adventure: Chapter 1 New Orleans (Day 2 Part II)

I guess i have not got enough of Bourbon street? Here i was again finding myself on Bourbon Street for the second time on my second night in New Orleans. How did i get here? .... I was strolling along Decatur street, went to H&M to get my sweater and found myself 5 minutes away from the original, legendary Cafe Du Monde.

I just had to see it.

 It was kinda pack

 But i'm not about to order, i just had myself beignets!

 This is M8 OOC colors. I like it. There's only a push on exposure and some noise reduction.

 Again with the alley shot. I love how that light burst into a star. I'm no technical but i think thats the character of the Voigtlander lens.

 Found the Violin Monster. It howls when you tipped. 

 This building in Jackson Square.

 There were a few fortune tellers and some just want to give it a try.

As Decatur street is just a few blocks away from Bourbon street, i just had to stop by Bourbon and look for something new. As a matter of fact i was looking for the legendary Preservation Hall. As i made my way to Bourbon, i saw this long queue on the side of the road. It was the queue for Preservation Hall. It was long, it was packed, i just need to take a photo and go, avoid the crowd. Maybe i'll come back again tomorrow. Here is preservation hall.
Everybody's waiting in line.

A few more steps and here i am again in Bourbon Street. As usual, it is crowded and noisy. 
 Cops on Harley

 Again, same cops on Harley.

 Here i am again on Bourbon Street

 Want to take a candid portrait of this guy as his face got character but i was too chicken to take it so i got his back only

 Just gotta have these guys, saw these a lot in Vegas. Not surprise to see them here too. Your choice, Heaven or Hell.

 Now it's Cops on Horses

Got some parade going on, people were just dancing and giving plus throwing beads. Beads are kinda a thing in NOLA. You'll see them everywhere.

These guys are serving alligators. A lot of restaurants in New Orleans serves gator. Just had to try 'em. It tasted like chicken. I think everything tasted like chicken except for shit. I dont know, i never try, i assumed it wont. Sorry i just had to ramble away and it just had to be sh*t.
Had the best oysters here too. and the waiter just looked like Steve Buscemi. Didn't catch it on my M8. But i did with my Sony RX100M3.

Not really like Steve Buscemi but he did remind me of him. (shot with rx100m3)
and dont ask me what he's doing.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

X-A2? A What now?

There's a new Fujifilm X-A2 which i didn't even know exist until today? when was it announced? And with so little updates except for selfies whats the point of upgrading to this? Whats the point of selling? Is it because of Panasonic/Olympus? Why is Fujifilm going down this road? Is the technology so quick they need to make minor updates and sell it instantly to the market? Has it been 2 years already? What is wrong with Fuji? Please compete with other manufacturers and winning, be revolutionary, just like how you used to be and not following trends. Da fuq.