Thursday, January 16, 2014

Printed my pictures (2014 resolution)


is the year i made a promise to myself to print the pictures that i take with my fujifilm cameras. You know how its becoming a habit of ours to just take lots of photos with your digital cameras or your iphones, your androids but never printed them? ..... it just stays in the phone or in the hard drives......For some maybe they dont need to print it, in their hard drives is totally fine but not me.... i dont like the idea of pictures stays in your hard drive except for backing up, yes...but to look at the pictures via a pc or tablet? i dont like it.... its great but then you need tons of spaces or a super fast internet connection (from where i came from our internet speed sucks), a tablet of course.... but for me that is still digital. i'm the kind of guy who likes old stuffs, vintage, classics...back to basics..whatever you call it... i like hard copies! My magazines, i want it in hard copies! not soft copies, digitals that you put in your ipads, tablets. i want to flick the pages.. i want to smell it... i want to keep it in my shelfs..... thats how old school i am....although im still in my 30s.... i'm not 70 you prick! hahaha........ Digital is fine, its great but i just love how i can just pick up the photo album and look at the pictures. When you show someone your wedding pics, you most probably take out your wedding photo album instead of a tablet with your wedding pics in it... or maybe im wrong! As a matter of fact i created an engagement pictures that i took to pdf so that the couple can look it in their pads......Ouch..(look whos talking you say?)

Anyway, the results printed are more like 50/50. Some of the pictures are different from what i look on my screen. i forgot to tell the developer not to edit or enhance anything so i guess thats my fault too! But when the printed picture nails the colors like on my macbook screen it's so gorgeous. But when its not, i feel disgusted. more like i'm dissapointed, it didnt look how i wanted it to look kinda dissapointed. let just say, some of the pics i like it dark better but the developer tends to brighten the pic and the results was way off from my "creative juices" eye...sort of thing.. haha. Note to self: Tell the developer not to enhance anything!

Printing gonna cost me money but i think its worth it... and the satisfaction i get looking at my printed pictures is just priceless.

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