Thursday, January 9, 2014

Leica goes.... Maybe next time?

All the Leica's in my watch list on Ebay, have passed and gone... all the way from M2 to M9. In the end i didn't make any official bid or buy it now.... the price is too much especially for the M9 which price wise an X-Pro1 is a better deal *wink*wink* GAS alert.... Yes, right now i'm eyeing for a used XPro1 body as the price is quite a deal.

Been reading a lot of reviews, opinions and even arguments over Leicas. i came to the conclusion, not Leica for now. Based on my wise brain decision from reading a lot of Leica user's opinions, its better to get a film Leica than the digital ones. The best digital Leica at the moment is the M240 but that alone can pay upfront cash to settle both my scooter and Derbi motorcycles.

Photogs have a love and hate relationship with digital Leicas but some sworn their loyalties to digital Leica even though they lacked behind the current technology. i do not know. i've never used a Leica but is very intrigued to own the Leica system and try the film ones first. The M experience they say. But price wise is ridiculous. With Fujifilm doing so much better and affordable, i do not know if i ever jump ship to Leica, if you know what i mean........

Although, i'm Still deciding between an M6 or M4-P Leicas that are a lot available on Ebay.

But maybe just not now.

Tomorrow is a brand new day and a brand new GAS.

Ciao amigos.

COYX (Come on you Xpro1!)

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