Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Retro junkie!

First thing first,

Im a retro junkie. I love vintage designs and looks. I love vintage tshirt, i used to own a classic japanese muscle car, the celica ta23 and a vintage motorcycle yamaha maxim. Now i own a 70's retro style Harley Davidson, the sportster 72. although i would love to own the classic fat boy, oh well... I love my cameras to looked retro as well. Im starting back my passion for photography since i bought my vintage looking Fuji cameras, fuji x100s and fuji xm1 a few months back. Its all your fault fujifilm now that i am back be ing passionate in photography. I always have enjoy photography occasionally taking photos with my iphone but now im getting serious with photography and starting shits like project 365 or maybe even shoot a colleague's weddings. . Oh yea, im challenging myself for this new year's resolution. How hard can it be to take one photo a day, right? Haha.  Well this is what this blog will be primarily about. Cameras and photography and some random shit. Vintage shit. I also love how my pictures looked retro as if it was shot with film. Thank god VSCO! I love vintage so much im starting back to shoot  with films. And i ha ve a GAS syndrome...which i pretty hate so much, it just uncontrollable. GAS stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I have this syndrome when i love something, passionate about something, i wanna have it, own it as many much as i can. I used to own 2 classic japanese cars, i have 3 motorcycles at the moment but had owned a few more maybe another 4, iused to owned more than 10 guitars... And yes i love classic rocks and those 90s grunge alternative music, it just what i grew up with, when ur testoterone, hormones still sky high, nirvana is the shit! Now i hav e GAS for classic/"vintage cameras, just bought myself an olympus om10. Now crawling ebay for cool retro cameras, from all brands from all years, im thinking of collecting these old cameras, heck i wanna buy a cupboard with downlights for my cameras collection. I would also love to own the cool vintage looking fuji xpro1. Vintage compacts, slr, rangefinders....ebay wait for me.... I brought my fuji x100s for a trip when my uncle asked.... "is that a leica?" ... Now im eyeing for a leica! Damn you GAS!

"Its not about your next picture, its about your next camera"

Good luck my wallet, u'll be slimmer than my belly can only imagine.

Vintage rocks!

Ps i dont like CRT monitors, vintage or not

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello World, Who we are...

We're just a blog,
a diary say you will,
we're gonna talk hobbies
and whatever comes to mind.

oobist = a cooler name for obese
noobist = total noob

cameras, photography, football, art, motorcycles, music, drawing, sketches ......

obese and noob at it ..