Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Look what i got for my Happy Meal!!

My M9 is here! Just one week after i got my M8. Where the hell are my frikkin lens? i need to shoot now! Should have ordered my lens from the US rather than Hong Kong. So close and yet so far.

Should have taken out the orange label. its super distracting! looks like the M8 is sexier than the black M9. but something about the black and its vulacanite that just look super gorgeous. i just need to have both colors. lol

Happy new year.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Whats the plan two thousand fifteen?

So i got the Leica bug. Suddenly i feel like i wanna take pictures now. My passion is mode ON now. So i'm thinking i wanna set out on an adventure, depends on the budget and bring my Leica with me. I'm thinking of visiting to neighbouring countries which in the first place i had no intention of going. Countries that i never step foot on. I'm going on a solo trip so theres no stroller to push, no need to wait for someone, i'm just minding my own business, just go with the flow, where my legs will bring me. ya know, just exploring the place all by myself and at the same time take pictures. I got the green light from the wife and all i need to think is budget. I'm thinking of countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Shanghai, or maybe Myammar, Cambodia, just countries that are closed by and like i said depends on budget. Just at the weekends, so that i dont need to spend my work leave. I'm also in the process of buying "something", i wont tell you what but it needs a lot of $$$, so thats like a big stumble block for this adventure. So far i have set Singapore and Vietnam. I've never been to Vietnam. So i'm pretty excited on that one. I need to do something different in Singapore. Need to explore other parts than what i usually do. Need to get out of my comfort zone. but also need to make sure that its safe. i dont want to get mug. Probably going to New Orleans but thats very unlikely. Its almost January now and New Orleans must be January. I'll be checking other destinations for my solo Leica adventure. Maybe Bali....

I'll bring my Leica for these trips. Probably the Leica M9, which is as we speak on its way here. I hope both Leicas are in great taking photos condition. After reading a lot of issues in the forums just freaked me out but still i want the Leica.

I'm looking for the ultimate lens. I dont wanna lug around bag full of lenses. or maybe i will since i'm on a solo trip. no kid's bags to bring, no kid's ipads to bring, no stroller to bring, you get the idea. i told you i ordered the Voigtlander 40mm 1.4. what i haven't told you is that i also ordered the 15mm 4.5 II. So that pretty much covered the wide angle and a bit of telephoto. So i am looking for in the middle. and preferably fast and pancake size. im thinking of shooting wide at night. with the 15mm, at 4.5, thats probably a headache for the M9, i haven't test it but based on stories, reports, its not Fujifilm's ISO.

Something in the middle, between 15mm & 40mm. fast, small pancake size. Is there such a lens?  I was thinking of the 28mm at f2.8 because it will be smaller than at f2. Leica 28mm elmarit cost like a used M8. A voigtlander ultron 28mm f2 looks kinda bulgy on the Leica. I've decided to get the Zeiss 28mm f2.8 but its kinda rare on Ebay. IF there is one it cost just like the elmarit. There's a CV 35 1.4 but its kinda bit redundant because i have the 40mm. Only 5mm wide. i really really want a 28mm but theres not much choice. i want a lens that is already an M mount, no need adapters. But then i saw a comparison between 15mm, 18mm and 24mm on the internet. and what a difference 3mm is. not much but still wider. So i'm thinking of the 35mm 2.5 color skopar. Pancake lens, kinda fast than 2.8 but not much wide than the 40mm, so i've decided if i didn't find the Zeiss 28mm distagon, i'll just get the CV35mm color skopar. i hope its not GAS talking.

So here i come Singapore and Vietnam. See you in 2015.

Look what Santa put under the tree!

My Leica M8 is here! in 2014!
Now i just need a lens to go with it.
Funny, my Leica came first, flew all the way from the US instead of my Voigtlander lens that i bought (which the seller is based in Hong Kong). I mean i'm in Asia, literally i'm like 3 hours apart from HK but the stuff from US came first? and i bought the lens first before i bought the M8. talk about world's apart standard.

Oh man, i'm so eager to take my first shot with the M8. I can feel my passion is switch ON mode again!

But as we speak, a certain Leica M9 is on its way here! Gulp!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

This blog survives a year!

I have countless of blogs before, and none of them survived in a year, or at least got updated, its still out there in the seas of the internet. But with my new alter ego oobist k noobist, i survived! I finally blogged for a year now, although there are times when i'm too lazy to update this blog more frequent. That was when my passion for photography declining, i mean the artistic and "creatistic" juices are not flowing anymore, its all about the bass, i meant all about the gears, i was thinking too much of gears, GAS... well this is what this blog is about. talking about GAS. but even one time i was lost interest in gears, especially the Fuji X30, Lumix LX100, Pen EM7 and probably the X100T too....thats when i lost interest in writing this blog which pretty much a photography blog i supposed? because thats what i've been talking about for the past year but i wanted to add my personal life event too in this blog so i can read it when i'm 64 and laugh at myself for whatever shit that i posted here. at least theres something i can read about besides photography. Maybe next year i'll start writing more about myself inspired by Bridget Jones Diary that is showing on HBO during christmas time. One year passed just like that, so quick, so dreamy-like, i think i was just blogging about the Fuji X-T1 a couple of months ago but in fact that was already a year. Gasp! Is the world spinning faster? and how did all the clocks in the world sync with it? how did it keep time? One hour felt like 10 minutes. Dont you think? its fast right? and its scary if i think too much of it. Now come 2015....

So what did i do in 2014? Not much i guess.... I sold my X100S to fund my Leica dream even after reading a lot in the forums that these Leicas are not reliable, sensor corrosion issues, LCD break down , i still wanted the Leica, aesthetically they are simply beautiful, even the retro Fujifilms cant touch em.... but reliability, thats where i think Fuji wins. I have 3 Fujis and none of them have yet suffers a major breakdown such as those of Leicas. even after a fall to the ground, remember my X-M1? Although it is kind of unfair to Leica because i have yet to take a picture with it. Soon, my friend, soon! All these reliability talk makes me want the Fuji X100T. or wait for the next iteration X100X. I cant believe the wifi feature of my Sony RX100M3 is so satisfyingly pleasurable. Sending my photos to my ipad mini, really nice to view it in those ipad screen than the LCD of my Sony. 3inch but yet still small and i feel like taking a microscope with me. Now, my favorite camera of all time the X100 series has a wifi feature. all the small things that really makes a world difference. But Leica didnt have all these wifi features but still i stand behind them. I guess i'm a BRAND biased. i'm lost for words.

So now come 2015. Happy new year ya all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I hate Singapore on Sundays and in December!

It is just so crowded with people! I guess this is gonna happen when there's 4 millions of humans in a small island. A small island that stretches about 60km from east to west. 60km?? thats really small!! I really mind the crowded people as i pushed a twin stroller, i have to avoid strangers legs, scramble for the lift as people are being inconsiderate, its like "I was there first, i pushed a stroller and i need the lift more than you frikking young lazy people, go use the escalator and exercise a more walking you schmuck!" .... i was frikkin pissed man... in the end i'd prefer pushing my stroller onto the escalator than to race who gets into the lift first. fuck ya all.

Okay, i was really that pissed. Anyway.... Singapore, despite the crowded issues that i had, is still my favourite holiday stops. its nearby to my home country, there's a lot of places to go and do. night's still kinda busy even though its midnite and something something something. i'm just lost for words. i think its shopping shopping shopping. I went to Singapore last October and it wasnt this crowded, so December = black listed. and Sundays is normal to be crazy crowded. This country makes me wanna buy all the stuffs put up on sale. i almost bought the iphone6 plus. but i was also worried that it will replace my Sony RX100iii for everything snap shot. i went to Vegas with just an iphone4 back then. So too Washington. But i want to stick to my reasons when i bought the Sony, telling myself that it is compact enough for my pockets and travel. Well it did fit my pocket and adds a considerable amount of bulge to it and kinda makes my pants heavy too! In the end i prefer to put it in my sling bag although sometimes in my pocket. But i still believe the Iphone is so much better in the pocket. except when it bendgates. Much easier to put it in and take it out of the pocket. i have whatsapp on it, facebook, emails, ebay, and camera!! everything in one device. super cool. I havent bought the iphone6, and i dont really take pictures with my iphone4 anymore because it suck now, it didnt suck when it was still apple's flagship smartphone. So i did use a lot of the Sony for this trip. although there are still times when im too lazy to take it out of the bag.

Anyways, enough ramblings and ranting, let me show you some of my snap photos taken with the Sony RX100iii. I didnt really put much thought on taking the photos, just snap my shots away. creatively, artistically = none! This post was actually about the Sony RX100iii, but when i was writing this post, it remind me of the things that pissed me while i was there lol. The supposed title was "Sony RX100iii, what a little gem this is". All shots are OOC, Auto everything, WB, ISO, Exposure, Everything in Sony's Intelligent mode.

Check out the crowd. and that blind guy got mean blues skillz yo! Makes me wanna pickup my guitar

 Some 3D painting was on display.

 Christmas is around the corner. Santa is everywhere!

 Miss Santa

I love the OOC Colors on this one. Great job Sony. But not so great at being hacked LOL 

 Some boy band singing to the The Beatles 

Universal Studios Singapore 

Glowing Cotton Candy for $7SGD! 

Literally or Figuratively staying here until USS is closed 

I also liked the colors on this one 

 Seriously, not my lip's mark. it was like that when i got it. now that i think of it, could be Barista's lip mark? 

Just one of those time when i need a gondola ride in Singapore. 

The Wifi feature is neat! I can just send all the pictures i took to my ipad mini and look or review the pictures on the bigger screen of the ipad mini and sip a cup of coffee. as you already know they are tons of apps in the app store for picture editing, edit the picture on the ipad and then maybe share it to instagram or facebook if you're that kinda person, who likes to share their life on facebook.

All in all, this is a great travel Camera. Great IQ. Compact. Fit in my pocket. But now that i think of it, the way i just snap all my photos i think i might just get the iphone6. Pity underutilized Sony. or Maybe that is just GAS talking?

So what now!?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm still on a quest to own the Leica M9? Am i stupid?

So the seller of the Leica M9-P that i put a bid on has cancelled the bid and ended the listing altogether. His reasons? Because of the Leica statement made yesterday, the sensor corrosion issue! I respect and appreciate his generosity, a very responsible seller. He said that he needed to send it to Leica first for a repair or replacement and put it back on sale. See? he is nice. Some seller would just get rid their stuffs to the next buyer. i was so ready to win the bidding war but when he ended the sale abruptly, i kinda see it as a sign, not to get the M9. More money for a BMW! but GAS works in a mysterious way. One minute i'm thinking of the M9, the next im thinking of the BMW, the other i was thinking of customising my Sportster which is so due.... but instead this morning i just place a bid on a low use Leica M9. I was already in love with the all black M9-P and the black M8.2, so why not i just get the M9 and make the red dot black? thats what i set in my mind and thus placing the bid is the next best thing. Corrosion issue? what corrosion issue?
i'm still in my unbelievably idiot mode and bid a Leica M9, i still want the M9 even after Leica officially stated the corrosion sensor issues. because i'm just plain stupid, stupid, stupid! GAS is running circles over me. whatever that means.

Heres a few Leica M9 in stealth mode as they say, i'm in my Leica lust mode....

 Hello there sexy!
taken at
Just look at those Leicas, all lying around. I feel like looking at Top3 Maxim hotties.
same jaw dropping, mouth watering effect. 
taken at

rangefinder with square hood is mouth watering drooling.
 taken at

Even the M8.2 looks handsome in black. very handsome indeed
taken at

My problem is, when i'm in GAS mode, a certain GAS mode, i tend to buy more than one. Thats the problem. As if i have a million dollars in my bank account. trust me. i dont have that much money. i always think i have that much but it all credit cards maxed out in the end. I have an M8, I also want the M8.2 in all black. and i want the M9 too. crazy.

Once upon a time, when i had that certain GAS, i owned like more than 10 guitars, most of it collecting dust, i have more than 3 motorcycles, a lot of distortion and other effects pedals, more than 10 mics, i had 2 classic cars, i have 3 Fujifilms, i had an Olympus, i still have my Sony. but all of them are collecting dust, under utilise and i have yet to learn my lesson. Now i'm collecting assured my bank account will be crying out for help. The only thing that can stop me is someone challenging my bid. I really want the Leica M9 but deep in my heart i want someone to outbid me too!

Feliz NaVidad.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ahhh shitt...

I've set my mind to really win the bid war of the Leica M9-P, i mean why not, i think its the ultimate digital M. (not the M240, from what i've read, its too SLR like) while i still have my dough i might just gonna get it but then this came out....

i know, i know i've read it somewhere in a blog la vida leica, but i thought its just a batch of M9s and i was ready to take a gamble and just buy the M9 but after seeing it coming from Leica's own mouth, its official, i started to have 2nd thoughts. God damn! i'm nearly close on buying the M9. i know there is a sensor issue but i still want the M9-P. But now its official coming out from Leica. 2nd thoughts. By the way, Leica offered to repair it free of charge but from where i come from, there's no Leica dealer and its a hassle + cost to shipped it overseas for repair. The closest i can go is Singapore but i doubt if they do repairs there. i'm not sure. i haven't ask around. i hope they do. then its easier since i like to travel to Singapore every year or so.

But its not a surprised, the Leica M8 was full of sh*t issues but i still took a gamble. i still bought it. but at least it was cheaper than the M9. The M9 can cost me a BMW. Yea that's right. I'm still deciding whether i go camera nuts/nutcase or i should buy a used 1990 BMW. Both have pros and cons, both need maintenance in the future, both take me from point A to B but in different scheme of things. my wise brain say i should get the BMW, my GAS say buy the M9. My conscience say dont buy anything at all. Or i could custom my Harley Sportster and it still cost less than the M9. Godamn you Leica, u messed me up.

Josh Groban, please sing and dedicate this to Leica...

You messed me up, so i can stand on mountains.....of debt..
You messed me up, to walk on stormy seas............of debt..
Leica is strong, now i'm on your shoulder
You messed me up, i haven't even start on your lenses..

Its official, i'm a Leica nutcase.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leica GAS?

Leica lust, leica whore, leica porn.
Anything to do with Leica is so sexy and yummy.
I cant resist my GAS.
I just bought an M8 in chrome.
Well i preferred the chrome than the black
But just after i press buy it now on the chrome M8, now i want it in black.
talk about dangerous GAS.
Before, i never liked the all black Leica. i always want it with a red dot logo, thats what Leica is famous for. I dont understand whats with Leica owner gaffer tape their red dot logo. i mean what the fuck man? Show it off to the world that its a leica you're holding, the most expensive piece of "shit" camera. There are other better cameras but Leica is a Leica. i wont go into details which camera is better but Leica is a Leica. its like the Ferrari of cameras. You dont need a Ferrari but if you can afford it why not?
Its the same, its just a tool, it will take you to point A and B. Same thing. iPhone can also take pictures. so what if the IQ sucks. the moments mattered most. Anyway i'm off the grid. Actually i just wanna talked about my GAS problem. My Leica lust problem im having right now. BTW speaking of people gaffer taping their Leica is because they wanted to be stealthier. Thats why Leica came up with the M9-P.... which unbelievably i'm bidding right now. Lust...Lust..Lust... i'm the type who cant pass a great deal. i've already missed out on the $2900 Leica M9 in steel grey with less than 2k shutter actuations. thats a great deal. My credit cards beg to differ though. I need rehab. somehow it felt good to press buy it now or start bidding. But just right after i press it, the feeling regret somehow creeps in. in my head, i bought the Leicas for collection. I didnt care much if it take pictures. although there are times i'm imagining shooting a wedding with them Leicas. For travelling, i'm not sure but for showing off, hell yeah...
I'm much more into aesthetic than picture taking. yea, boo me whatever. but that is just me. The Leica is so sexy. its like flirting with Scarlett or Blake lively or whoever hotties in hollywood. ya know what i mean. sometimes i do feel like that with my cameras. its actually a one night stand thing. i wonder if i will still keep my Leicas in the future. i hope i do. its the ultimate cannot do everything camera. but for what i do in photography, is enough. i dont do sports and fast objects. which Leica probably not good at. i know someone can do it. but i dont.
I keep saying Leicas Leicas Leicas as if i have more than one Leica. In fact after owning the Chrome which have yet to arrive, i'm eyeing on the all black M8.2. and the all black M9-P. Like i said, before, i didnt give a shit about all black Leica. its all about the red dot logo. but now, things have change.
I'm a Leica porn.

Help me.

 Leica M8 chrome.
Taken at

 Leica M8.2 in all black
taken at

Leica M9-P
Taken at

Looking at the cameras all i can say and feel is....


Please help me...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Leica M9??

i just missed out on a very good deal Leica M9 on fleabay. the winning bid was $2900. $2900 for a Leica M9... that is out of this world. well, not really, the price is trending at $3500 but still at $2900 its a steal! Now, i dunno if i should sit at a dark corner and regret for not entering the bidding war but wait! Am i nuts? My M8 have yet to arrive and i'm already eyeing the M9? Man, talk about GAS and a shit load of money to burn. But i'm not rich. Just crazy savings gone like the wind.... if i did bought the M9. I'm just a slave to my desire. Good God. I need to stop seeing Ebay.. or should i say i enter rehab?

But still, an M9 is an M9.

Leica in love forever.

Love, Lust and Leica.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

There goes my X100S.....

I just sold my fav camera the X100S!! I am really sad to let it go but i have to sell it to fund my Leica lust. Awww maaaannn...... I just wish that i could at least sold the X-pro1 first and then sell the X100S. Now i am left with my X-pro1 which no one seem to have taken interest with. Its not that i dont like the X-Pro1 but i just prefer my X100S over it. This is all Leica's fault. A really good deal on a used Leica M8 in chrome!! i just cant let it go. it had to be done. And a quite good deal on a Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 lens too! and now im wanting the 15mm and be done with it. i hope so. i know i wanted the 28mm f2 ultron because i just missed my X100S. lol. I know i was a clean high iso freak, i was spoilt by X100S. now i need to accept that the M8 is a no challenge in the high ISO contest with the X100S. i hope i can adapt and accept it. because thats also the main reason i sold my Oly EM10 back then. the high ISO is not clean enough!. but as time pass by, i slowly accept, the non Fuji IQ i can get with my latest camera the Sony RX100M3. I find it good enough. i need to get back to basics. grain is good. i started to put sense in my brain, i never really gonna print that large every day or at least every month. the pictures will always stay in the hard drive. if i can recall, i made a resolution slash revolution last year that i want to print as much as i could but i cant believe that its already been a year and i have yet to print anything. I cant believe i had the X100S for a year now,  i thought i just had it like 5 months back. woahhh, the time passed very quickly. scary. so thats that. i did miss my X100S but theres always the new one, the T. I guess if i got fed up with my Leica in the future, i might as well get back to Fujifilm and get the X100T.

Oh well.

Monday, December 1, 2014

I got the Leica Bug!

I always want it, i'm always thinking about it, i always dream about it, owning it, holding it, take a picture with it, heck, let's just do this, lets buy it!

And i bought it.

My first Leica, and its gotta be M, the M8.

Half nuts, half guts.

Nuts, because its a 2006 technology. thats a lifetime in digital age. But it doesn't mean its a bad camera, it took breathtaking shots back then, it still is gonna take the same shot now, unless the sensor went bonkers...well i pray hope not...

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas came early they say.

Cant wait for that package to arrive.

Should be here in one week. Fly across continents my Leica will.

I bought a Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 to mount it with. Its gotta be a fast lens. I need bokeh. i want bokeh. Not necessary for all photos but i need it. its like drugs. although i find the 40mm is gonna be quite tele if you know what i mean, because i so like wide angle, but i could not find a wide angle fast lens, most of the lens are f4 onwards, i'm thinking about the Voigtlander 15mm 4.5. Thats my next lens. or should i just buy it now? and be done with it? but wait, i also want the 28mm f2 ultron. so i can get that 35mm FOV. just like my x100s. but why compare it to my Fuji. Leica is leica. what the hell m i talking about?

I'm all Voigtlander lenses here, thats probably the only lenses i be able to afford. i still need my kidney...

I'm planning to sell all my Fuji gears, my X-pro1, my X100S, and my X-M1 and just shoot Leica. Now i can shoot more shitty photos from a Leica. I've done it with Fuji, now its Leica turn. OMG, its a dream come true. i think i'm still dreaming! but my Leica is on its way. i pray to God that its in working order. I hope its not a bad copy.

I bought mine in chrome. now i want black too!

I always read that Fujis are better than Leica but Leica is a Leica. its a dream. a dream come true. Why buy a wannabe rangefinder when the real rangefinder is getting closer to affordable territory. well, thats the M8 for you, you can get it less than $2k, i'll wait for another 10 years for the M9.

I still love Fuji, but as i said, Leica is a Leica.

Its like Megadeth is great but Metallica is greater...... kinda.