Monday, February 29, 2016

X100T in 2016!!! Just another X100T first impression thoughts....

I finally pull the trigger.
After too much thought, took me one long year, i finally bought the X100T.
"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." ... i saw this on google and i think its right.
"Buy first, think later"

I drove 30 miles to the only Fujifilm authorised dealer here to seal the deal. I've been thinking too much about the X100T. X100T versus this, versus that. TCL this versus primes and what not. Google this, google that. Why didnt i get the X-T10? Why didn't i wait for the X70 or even the X-Pro2? I guess i just love the X100T design too much. Like i said, my heart will never settle if i dun go buy the X100T. Anyway it is also available here. Tell you, its really hard to get new cameras here except for Canon which has its authorised dealer here for so long. But a new Fujifilm agent is here! Yay! No more going to Singapore to lust for Fuji cameras.

The Camera

When i first held it, i dun remember it being this tiny! It felt like it was smaller than the S but thats impossible. Mind u the last time i held the S version was late 2014. I guess i forgot how small it was. My only proper camera at the moment is the Leica M8. So my muscle memory must have been used to the M8 size and heft solid body. When i handle it i was like "Wow, this thing is small." So how smaller can the X70 get? i thought.

 I got a free faux leather half case and a free 32Gb SD card with it. The camera itself is sexy. beautiful. sleek. i just want to hold it, grasp it, brush it...whatever. I want to peek into its OVF/EVF. I wanna take pictures with it. I put on the case and it handles even better and looks good too. THe battery compartment kinda hard to open with the case on but i just need to learn the trick. i think i figure that out already.

I have this habit for something new it needs to be put on the bed. even shoes. 

Such a beautiful camera. I miss Fujifilm. I miss X100 series. 

The lens cover is a bit hard to pull out.
THe battery took ages to be fully charged. I havent charge the camera via smartphone charger because the camera is still new. Still fragile in my mind. i dun wanna fry its circuits but by right it never will. You know how you really take good care of your stuffs when its brand new but after a few weeks or months you just kinda roughen it like yeah-i-dun-give-a-shit care.??
I opt for the silver colour. That retro look im going for.
Took me a while to customised the buttons and functions to my liken. and it eats the battery. I mean the battery life is shit. I need a few spare batteries. I love how you can customised the Q menu to your chosen function. And also customised different buttons like the arrow pad to different functions. What i didnt like is there is no more a one button silent mode. Used to have with the S version. I think just pressed long the disp button i think. Now with the X100T no more. I dun remember how the silent shutter sound like. But i believe it was dead quiet with the S or maybe im wrong. but with the T, there's a barely audible tick sound. i honestly dun remember. but i believe the S was silent literally or maybe i just forgot. it probably is the same. But with the electronic shutter it was dead quiet. like literally no sound.

3inch LCD is a blessing and so is Wifi. Man, i love me cameras some Wifi. With todays technology and social media, it is just easy to transfer your images to your phone for sharing with people, on FB, IG, WA, and just looking at the images via your phone. Godsend!

Holding the camera is like riding a bike. Its familiar, getting the muscle memory to remember the S but somehow it feels different. It is faster and snappier, less hunting but Olympus is still king of speed focusing. The X100 focusing felt familiar but somehow with the T, its faster. although at times there's not much different (I'm using it indoor). THere are times it needs to hunt but felt much faster than the S.

Face detection is awesome. I dont have to move my camera to focus and recompose technique. It just find the face and i just half press the shutter to focus and take the shot. Its easier to take pics of my kids.

I've been using the camera indoors, not so much outdoors as i just had it for 2 days. and i was staying home for the weekend so i just took a bunch of photos indoors. and so far the classic chrome is ...meh...for indoors. I was really looking forward to classic chrome but indoors, hmmm not so much to like. It was ok but i prefer what i get out from VSCO presets. For outdoors i think it is pretty awesome. i love desaturated colors. but again indoors...not so much. but i still shoot solely Classic Chrome because thats the look that i after and the reason to get a new X100. Maybe i need to shoot more and see if its the colors im going for. Maybe i'll just eat my words.

Excuse the upside down Fujifilm. its not anti-fujifilm. 

SO far i did not noticed if there's a lag in the EVF. which is a good thing. I havent try the hybrid viewfinder. *edit* so last night i just switch to the hybrid viewfinder and i find the focusing window on the bottom right is quite small. i dunno how you can focus with that small window but i havent try it yet. just a peek. i think i'll stay with the EVF.

Image quality is oh so fujifilm wonderful. I miss fujifilm. i miss the X100. i did not miss my X-M1 though. The X100 does something to me that makes me just wanna take pictures. a beautiful camera can make you take more pictures i guess. I really miss Fujifilm IQ. Its so good, i dun wanna go four third anymore. and to be able to transfer that images via Wifi to your phone on the go, the X100T is perfect.

IQ is more or less the same as the S. Should be the same because same sensor. Wide open it gets hazy but i guess thats the character of the X100. I set the NR to -2 and sharpness +1. I shoot JPGs only. and i set iso max at 1600 to avoid the plastic waxy skin that Fujifilm is known. I dunno if this workaround works for JPG, its actually for RAW but i just use it on JPGs. Ha.

I love the headroom i can get with Fuji jpgs. I can push the exposure to +2 and the image has yet to suffer. its like editing RAW files except this is JPGs. I've been editing SOny RX100iii's images and i cant get much headroom like i did with Fujis.

Face detection seems to be working well. I can approximate selfie and let the camera do its thing, take a shot and my face was in focus so i guess the detection works well.

Comparing to the S, i believed this is a great upgrade.
It felt snappier and faster.
Wifi is godsend.
Less hunting.
Face detection works well.
Customised button functions.
Customised Q menu.
Much better EVF
3inch LCD
Better autofocus performance.

I dont have to dive into menu so much as i can customised different functions to different buttons and customised Q menu. If i have a conversion lens on i can just press the left button to (which i set) either wide mode or tele mode or normal mode. Easy. No more browsing the menu.

Now do i still want the X70? yes i do. one can never get enough of Fuji gears but i think...i think my GAS is lessen with the recent purchase of the X100T. I hope i can wait for the new X200 before i'd buy an X70.

The only thing that my X100T cannot beat the Sony RX100iii is size. Sony is smaller that i can just grab and take pictures. but it can never give me the feeling of joy as i have with my X100T. The Sony IQ's will be satisfying but with X100T i am satisfied and also pleasured?? ahah..  like orgasm is released everytime i press the X100T shutter. thats overly dramatic but yeah. pleasure.

Things that got me frustrated with the S have yet to occur on the T. S was back focusing prone. I havent got this problem on the T. So far. I think on contrasting scene the X100 might be having a difficult time to focus but you gotta know the trick to get faster focus. Just aim your focus box in between dark and light. if u get my drift. There's dark scene and bright scene inside your focus box. that would speed up the focus. Dont just aim the box onto a dark scene. it will hunt. Focus Tip = Half bright, half dark.
The X100 series seems to pre-focus initially and then when it achieved focus, it will be faster afterwards. But believe me coming from S to T, the autofocus is a snap. better. less hunting. i think i keep saying this over n over. which literally means the autofocus is better.

instant noodle with corned beef. ooooh ma ma. This is shot wide open and you can see the haziness. but sharp nevertheless.  

Classic Chrome....indoors. Ok i think im just gonna take back my words on Classic Chrome. I just compare this OOC Classic Chrome with my favorite presets on VSCO. Turn out the colors are the same except for contrast level. So my words about liking it better with VSCO presets is unfounded. 

My camera so cool im not stealthy. I got caught taking his picture but what r you gonna do about it?? get my coffee done! aha 

So i guess thats what i had in mind as my first impression.
If you have the S version and you want to upgrade u ask? Just upgrade it. its worth it. sell the S n get the T.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

X100T in 2016??

Is it okay??
Should i wait for its successor?
I mean X100T is awesome on its own.
But being announced in 2014, now its 2016, it felt like a blast from the past kinda in technology world.
I mean an iPhone is already expired when it was announced. thats how fast technology is.
But my GAS say buy a camera now. Dont wait. lets have fun while my wallet will suffer.
If you read my previous post, of all the camera choices i have, i'm leaning towards X100T now.
Because thats the camera i wanted all along, also the reason why i sold my X100S. but its taken me a year now to pull the trigger. as time passed it made me think twice. SHould i now? Should i wait?
But if i wait i can never buy a camera. Because new cameras come within 6 months. So i must push away the idea of the newest is the greatest out of my mind.

I have saved my WCL converter, that must mean something right?
Its waiting for X100T.
and then buy a TCL and its complete. Oh by the way i place a bid on a TCL last night. that must surely means something.
But if i buy a X100T, that means i dont wanna get out of my comfort zone. because an X-T10 with 35mm is something i wanted to try all along. almost bought it but i hit the brakes. I cant have both. well i can but that will suffocate my wallet. he will literally die. aaannnnddd..... i just cant take my eyes off the beautiful X100T. Even if i go home with an X-T10, i'm surely will look back trying to catch a glimpse of the X100T.

But i bought the Leica M8 even if its over its expiry date.
Why cant i do the same for X100T?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm in dilemma new gear GAS want need mode!

I'm in dilemma.
I guess i hate money.
Shudup n take mah money.
I think i need/want a proper camera.
At the moment i have a Sony RX100m3 which i love for its size and great IQ but it is still a 1inch sensor. I love Fuji APS-C sensor.
And i still have my dinosaur Leica M8 which max out at usable ISO 640, black to magenta issues and i cant afford a fucking leica lens.
I dunno if i'm still in love with the M8, she's still hot but i dont really have that thrill using it. Not much love.
I need new thrill, new love, new lust. I want a new camera!!
That feeling when you unbox and play with the new cam. Love booming, blossoming. i need that. I want that.
I want WIFI in my camera and Auto Focus, my Leica fails that test.
I put it up on sale but nobody's buying it, only get likes in Facebook...the most famous book in the world. not even Harry Potter beats that book.
I want a proper camera, by proper i meant bokeh. i love bokeh. i need fast lens. so bokeh is achieved.
My Leica can give me bokeh but i cant transfer the pics over Wifi because it didnt have that feature. and i dont want to deal with the IR issues anymore. I want CLASSIC CHROME. out of the camera.

So why dilemma?
Because i have choices. i had to choose. and i hate choices. i wish i only have one choice so i dun have trouble making choices.
I love cameras. Cameras nowadays are beautiful. and i love retro. except for Lumix cameras, their looks suck but got great features.
So what choices do i have?
Olympus PEN-F is out of the pic. bcos i think im done with micro four thirds. with the newly announced X-pro2 with new sensor i think it'll kill the micro 4/3 for IQ.
Choices are Fuji X70, X100T, X-T10 or Sony A7S.
Of all the bunch the Sony is the most expensive. but i love low light. i want to shoot without thinking which ISO to choose. Fuji is also great in low light but skins can get waxy in HIGH ISO JPGs n i only shoot JPGs.
X70 is the newest but its still not available here.
X-T10 with 35mm is a bokeh dream.
I just love the X100 series.

So whats the problem here?
like i said...choices.
of all the camera if i want to buy based on looks, i'd definitely go for the X100T but its a 2 year old camera now. its not like its stop being a good camera, its just..... a X200 might be around the corner.
Like i mentioned in my previous post, i'm just gonna get the X70 but there's not a lot of review on it yet, i want to see how portraits would look like with 28mm 2.8 lens look like and sumhow i love peeking into an EVF which the X70 do not have. OVF is different. i want to see the actual shot/pic even before i take it which is what the EVF is for.
The X-T10 is third on the list just because its bulkier than the rest of the mentioned Fuji. but i have the flexibility to change lenses. I can bokeh all i want as long as i am able to purchase those Fuji lenses.
But if i am rich i just buy the A7S.
A7S with my prefer angle 28mm and fast f2.0 lens would be my ultimate camera. but it cost double than the Fujis. I could buy 2 Fujis with the cost of A7S.

In the end camera is just a tool right? Pictures will always be pictures.
Looking back at my X100S pics do make me miss the X100 series. i still keep hold of my WCL in case i bought the T but years passed and the T is getting old. unless it gets a new firmware making it as fast as X-T10 then im sure i'd buy the X100T. but is new firware coming??? Even X-E2 seems a good choice now a new firmware is out but i just cant get to like them X-E series looks.

So okay let me list down things i like n dislike from each camera for my amusement......

Fujifilm X70

- newest and greatest which means AF is faster than X100T
- tilt screen
- selfie tilt screen is a plus.
- compact but im not sure if it is as compact as the Sony RX100iii
- touch screen! woohoo a first for Fuji.
- classic chrome

- no EVF... I love me an EVF. I love peeking into it. it makes me feel professional. although i must admit i dont always really use it. and when i do street photography i almost not using it because i just want to be stealthier.
- looks is just ok compare to X100T.
- still not available here (Waiting game hurts)

X70 accessorized looks awesome.

Fujifilm X100T

- my favorite series, FUN camera
- looks is killer
- faster lens, more bokeh albeit narrower than 28mm
- better performance than my X100S (from what i read online)
- Got EVF
- Classic Chrome
- leaf shutter
- built in ND filter
- Conversion lens available
- available and in stock (GASPS!!!)

- bigger
- almost 2 years old which means a successor is in the wings
- no tilt screen
- Even bulkier if i need 28mm and 50mm
- From what i read performance is not as fast as the newer X-T10/X70
- but most of all it is getting old, the sole reason i press the brakes on buying this. but i still want to push the GAS! pun intended.

The thing about dont need accessories to make it sexy. it already sexy as fuck as it is.

Fujifilm X-T10

- Can change lenses
- Bokeh all i want with those fast lenses
- Not bad looking retro camera
- Faster performance
- Classic Chrome
- Tilt screen
- Got EVF
- available and in stock (gasps!)

- not pretty as X100T
- bulkier depends on lens
- No selfie tilt screen although not a deal breaker
- not travel friendly camera (for me). Even i hate the X100S for travelling. that tells you much. Ha Ha but better than those DSLRs.

X-T10 looks hot. Better with square hoods. i love me square hoods. couldnt find a pic online

Sony A7S

- With vintage lens it looks good
- King of the low light
- Performance on par with FUjifilm (from what i read online)
- Full frame (not sure if this is an issue anymore)
- tilt screen
- Got EVF
- Better video performance
- Since i like to shoot in low light this could be the ultimate camera!

- With native lens it looks MEH..
- Super expensive
- bad rolling shutter effects (not sure if it affects with my kind of photography)
- bulkier/ more or less the same size as X-T10... maybe....... i never hold one in flesh/plastic
- lens also crazy expensive
- SOle reason not to get this is expensive!!
- No Classic Chrome

Anything with Vintage lens will always make the camera looks good

So the question IS actually what do i want this camera for.....
1) Travel????? Or
2) Professional Bokeh Monster pictures of my kids???? (which means the camera is okay to stay on the shelf)

let me sit in one corner and think about it.

One can never have just one camera for all.
But that is always GAS talking

Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm just gonna eat my words!

So, i wasn't really interested with the X70, before.... but now after realizing it might be the same size as sony rx100m3, im intrigue. May not be exactly the same size,  just a tad bigger but still...that kinda compactness really intrigues me! like, i really really want it!! but there's not a lot of review of the X70. Cmon netizens!! i want to read those rave reviews of the X70 so that my GAS will explode! Boom!

why i would love the x70:-

28mm is my prefer view.
Would prefer faster lens like f2.0 but as long as i can do bokeh with 2.8, i'm game.
Touch screen, why not.
Selfie flips,, yea i know "REAL" photographers didnt like this but its a great feature to get your quick family photos.
I've been lusting that classic chrome look, my last fuji camera is the x100s, so i haven't had that classic chrome taste.
I would love an EVF but i think i can live without it. there will be time im bringing the camera to my eye just like i had with the XM1.

the only cons is just MONEY!
give me money please.


SO the Olympus PEN-F isn't really getting rave reviews. and the added 4 Megapixels didnt seem really improving the IQ. Well i guess the IQ will be similar like all those OMD cameras. and the look..... it just didnt stick with me. its sexy but i dunno. not creating so much GAS. oh well more money for me then.