Friday, December 23, 2016


Christmas is almost here. It's been a while since i last post something here. Now its almost new year... sheesh how fast time passed!! I just watched Star Wars Rogue One and i just thought The Force Awakens was only a few months ago....NOT... its already been a year.
So Star Wars aside..... Lets talk photography side of the story. Anyway i sold all of my gear, the last one was the Sony RX100iii but but but... just after a few days selling my RX100iii i got a bargain on a Sony A6000 and that camera is still with me. I guess i am stuck with Sony for now. I said to myself to only have my iPhone7plus as my every day camera. Its easier to bring, pocketable, and i bring it with me everywhere...but i just had to have a real camera, thus i bought the SOny A6000.
IQ wise is good for APS-C of today. low light not as clean as Fuji but sometimes Fuji can get plasticky. I only have the kit lens and just bought a FE35mm 2.8 at a bargain. $300SGD used!!! thats about $230USD. bloody cheap! Although id prefer a faster lens such as 35mm 1.8 but at that bargain my resale value would still make me a lil bit of money so  ijust bought the lens. At 2.8 the bokeh is ok. But not so blurry as a 1.8.
I dont have pictures to show, i might as well talk out of my ass. Its becasue my pictures are at my laptop. Im writing this on my desktop, nobody cares but yea whatevs.

Even though i want to build my lens collection for my A6000, i still cant brush aside my thinking for the Fujis. Man, i just love those retro looks. Holding it in my hands will gives me so much pleasure, eventhough lack of features and what not. I think Sony has more features than a Fuji. Or that is only my thinking. Well basically what i been trying to say for the past 2 paragraphs is i have GAS! LOL. I love the Xpro2. So sexy. But it didnt have a tilt screen, deal breaker for me, or maybe i can live without it. Its a handy feature though. but its also bigger than the a6000. Theres also the new A6500 which is way better features, things such as IBIS, you dont have to depends on Lens OIS anymore. But A6500 is not retro. Theres also the rumored X100F coming, i guess with the new sensor. i love X100 series. but i wanted to try interchangeable lenses. ive been living a one focal lenght kind of life. If i want retro through n through should i buy the old Leica M9? i had one. The LCD screen sucks. it aint worth the price. Just that red logo is. If that makes any sense.

So should i buy a new system again, this time Fuji? or should i just stuck with Sony A6000 and be busy making pictures rather than drooling new gears? but thats my problem, please dont answer me, i have terrible GAS. Trust me, when i have GAS, id buy them all, for the past 2 months i have shitloads of VANS because i have GAS. Yes, VANS the shoes, i think i have 10 VANS kicks and 2 converse, just one of my terrible GAS moments. Trust me, its terrible. i have 3 BMW's too.....

Old BMWs though....

i always think i have shitloads of money but i dont. i just have my feelings. bwahahahahaha.


P/S Just some random pics taken with A6000. I dont travel a lot lately so less pictures.

 Just 3 of my many VANS.



 One of my many VANS. This is with 35mm 2.8. Such a great product lens

One of my Converse out of many VANS. Same 35mm 2.8 lens. 

I promise to be a good boy and post more updates.