Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fuji EF-X20, not a review...

Just recently received my new Fuji "GAS" flash, the EF X-20, i bought used on Ebay, haven't really put it to use, just some light testing, just to test if its working properly. As you can see above it works marvellously, and wirelessly.... It's not really wireless, but it is not wired, its in slave mode, as long it detects a flash, it will fire simultaneously. really nice for off camera strobing, too bad this wont work on the X-pro1 as the pro didnt have a built in flash to fire the flash, this works great on x100s but i haven't really test it to its full potential. Of course my Yongnuos are better. Sorry for the heavy crop on the picture above, my desk is really messy and to i need to crop some 'unwanted classified for my eyes only' 'stuffs' on the desk. LOL.

All in all for being smaller in size, i think its a good travelling flash and pair it with the x100s, should be nice to have off camera flash to play with. But in theory in broad daylight it might be having difficulties to detect the master flash from the x100s, i haven't try it, i'll make an update on another post when i have the time to test it.

While the x100s built-in flash is nice but if you want more power, this is a great combo.

And i love the direct hard flash ala Terry Richardson outcome!

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