Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rumor Patrol...

So there will be a new upgraded, updated X-T1?? That will pissed a lot of early X-T1 adopters. It's still a rumor but if its true i'm surprised with fuji's move. The X-T1 is only just 6 months old and there's already a successor line up? What happen to the Kaizen philosophy? Usually the first step is, Fuji will push new firmwares to update or upgrade the camera but now it seems they are pushing a new updated X-T1 instead. As if the present X-T1 is a prototype and we customers are camera testers except that we spent money to test it. But then again this is just a rumor.

Speaking of firmwares, there will be new firmwares for the old X series cameras, which includes the x-pro1, wishful thinking is that they improve the x-pro1 features wise or performance wise but then the reality is, its only probably a firmware to detect the new weather sealed lens that is about to be announce.

And then there's the x100t...

Exciting times exciting times

Rumors via fujirumors

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