Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Mauricio Pochettino is NOT the right man for Tottenham........ But i might be wrong!

I just had to take this out of my chest.
To Americans, i'm talking about English soccer.
Ok, you can go back to whatever you're doing. lol
To Tottenham fans, well, i'm a Tottenham fan ever since Gary Lineker was in the team. And then there's Les Ferdinand, David Ginola, Jurgen Klinsmann, Darren Anderton, Edgar Davids, Teddy Sheringham and of course Gareth Bale.

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Why Mauricio Pochettino is not the right man? Well, based on statistics, last season we beat them twice while he's in charge. Even Tim Sherwood's Tottenham won against Mauricio's Saints. and AVB's Spurs was above Southampton in the table. Which can or cannot mean, that our previous managers are better. Statistically. Why bring mid-table head coach to Spurs? Are we going back to where we've been a decade ago? A mid-table team.... thats what a gooner gonna and always say. We were never above Arsenal in the league when Arsene is in charge and still is in charge. Tottenham keep changing managers, i was rooting for AVB to be our long term manager but his football is a pain in the ass. It's enduring! When he was in charge, i've skipped a lot of Spurs games. It is just not worth watching. and he's stubbornness cost him his job. i think we should have stick with Redknapp although he never rotates the team and likes to talk bull but he did gave us Champions league qualification.

But i might be wrong. I have to admit, Southampton did play beautiful football. and it was a tough team to beat when Mauricio was in charge. Southampton was never a mid table team, they were more of a team that is closer to relegation. no offense. But Mauricio did turned things for them. Made them exciting, made them superstars, made them highest in the league in Southampton's history, beautiful to watch football, and making me nervous of playing against Southampton and boy was i relieved that we were able to beat them. So that do say something about Mauricio.

But then again, statistics is statistics, in 60 games, Mauricio won 23, draw 18 and lose 19, with a winning percentage of 34.39%. It's not convincing to say the least.

We should have appointed someone with a winning CV, people like Benitez, Mancini, De Boer and almost Van Gaal. AVB had the better CV than Mauricio but i still think he is unlucky (AVB) to get the players that he wanted to suit his style of play. Really? Played Dawson with a high line defense? LOL. No offense. Dawson is a great defender but he cant play high line defense. He's too slow. Let's just say it didnt suit him nicely.

But i hope i'm wrong. I do get excited to see him in action. but that's the thing, get excited season after season with new appointments, new signings (last season's signing was a mess) and hoping for the best which is not the case. Let's just hope that our players are better players than Southampton's and get that winning formula. If that is not the case, then we're back to mid-table, where we were most comfortable.

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