Thursday, June 12, 2014

My 'Andy Lee' Wannabe photo

I was reading dpreview when i stumbled upon an article featuring Andy Lee with his Iceland in Infrared landscapes photos. I'm not so much into landscapes, i love it but its always been done to death. "Hey, look at that, a mountain!" ..(setup tripod, set long exposure, shoot). I'm not saying that its not beautiful, it is beautiful when done my eyes. What i'm trying to say is, our eyes are the best camera of all time. No camera can replicate what our eyes can see. So when you shot landscapes, sometimes you'll say to yourself, "It's nicer to see and experienced it with your own eyes than looking at photographs" or maybe i just sucked at photography. I guess its the latter. It's like my first time looking at the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes, i'm just in awe and it was breathtaking. I didn't have that same feeling when i look at a poster of Eiffel Tower. So when you look at pictures of landscapes and it was breathtaking, it makes you wanna go there and experience it yourself but to find out later, that place was just normal looking, it is beautiful, dont get me wrong but the pictures look nicer, then you got yourself a 'landscape photographer' genius. Andy Lee is one of them. When i look at Andy's pictures, i'm just inspired. It is my cup of tea. Bravo, bravo, that is nicely done. It's how he post-process his pictures, i bet if its OOC, its just normal looking landscapes but then he laid down his personal touch and OOoommpphh.... breathless!

For me, its all in the post processing, composition and light. Chasing light. I dont have neither. I'm still looking for post processing recipes and light? Me chasing light? Maybe the light chases me and if lucky i got a camera in my hand. and then came composition..... i'd be damn lucky if i got it right.

Here's my wannabe 'Andy Lee' look .... its not anywhere close....

So to Andy, Good Job, Bravo and i salute you...


  1. thanks very much for the kind words!! Nice mountain :)