Sunday, June 8, 2014

I missed my X100S... Lets go Lunch...

Been shooting with the X-Pro1 ever since i got it, and little attention did my X100S get. To be honest i prefer my X100S for its size. The X-Pro1 with the Zoom lens is just too big, no, i meant quite big, SLR is bigger! The zoom kit lens is just too long. Should have bought the primes! Gaahh... i hate choices. Anyway, i prefer the images that my X100S created. somewhat contrasty. and with the leaf shutter, its dead quiet! But dead quiet doesnt equate balls. Balls to shoot strangers, up close and personal. i still take pictures as quick as possible and always resulted in motion blur. I hate doing candid street photography but really like the genre. Capturing day to day life moments. If only i'm Bruce Gilden, steel balls that guy.

Anyway, i brought my x100s for lunch today. Been using the X100S lately, oh boy i really missed it. Really love playing with the bokehs. I should get the 35mm for the X-Pro so i can appreciate the bokehness. With the zoom kit lens, its just 'meh'. But i love the OIS on that one. slow shutter speed and sharp pictures! Always a compromise. Slower lens + OIS, Fast lens no OIS... why not both? I hope the new X3000000Z will have fast lens + OIS.

With the X100S i just love shooting wide open. Bokeh there, Bokeh this. Amazing it is this little camera. I'm also playing with the bleach bypass look. Although it wont work on food photography. it looked pale like zombies foods, or that langolier movie. i used polaroid 690 preset on the food photos. All are shot with X100S.

 Although the x100s able to focus this close, i noticed that its a bit soft. maybe its the F2. i dunno. i aint no scientist.

 Lunch with a zombie. Hold your eye, Z.

 I love the bleach bypass look of this picture except for the motion blur. Arghh.. steel balls please grow.
FEAR overcame me so i took this shot quickly and thus equal motion blur.

 Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

 Coffee bun but no coffee taste. i'm ripped off. I should color you with my bleach bypass preset because thats how you taste. Booo

Ribs with soggy rice. 'Meh'

Really fun just shooting with the X100S. Bring everywhere anywhere camera. Do i still think of the Leica M8? Yes i do. because GAS said so! 


Just for fun, here's the Coffee Bun with my bleach bypass preset..

Pale, just like how it tasted

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