Sunday, June 8, 2014

Going down that rabbit hole

Okay, i'm ready. Swallow the red pill. The red-dot pill to be exact! Yes, i'm going Leica. Its time to stop pretending. I have always like Leica. Love Leica. Never touch it though. Just fell in love with the beauty. Something about it, just makes it special. That red dot.
My Fujis will always be under its shadows. You know its true. Even if you tell everyone Fuji is the real deal, better image quality, better high iso but still it is not a Leica. People will always ask,

"is that a Leica?" pointing to the X100S.

"NO", you said, "Its a Fuji, it takes nice pictures, sharp bla bla bla bla bla".

Thats what people gonna hear you say, just right after you said Fuji. They are not gonna care of its IQ, high isos etc etc just because its not a Leica. Its their loss. But somehow you feel them. Its like driving a red mitsubishi GTO with a Ferrari sticker on it. Or a Yamaha Dragstar with a Harley Davidson sticker on it. or worse, stick on a Leica red dot on the Fuji X100s. Ouch! You know its the better deal but still its a fake, copy or imitator. Usually i dont care for these imitation stuffs. i dont care what people think. i still dont care about what people think . But i still want the original, the real deal, the pride, the classic, the high class, the legendary,  Leica. Its the Ferrari of cameras. You'd know how you feel if you own a Ferrari. Its not for show-off, maybe just a little but its just something about it. Lets just say, enthusiast and passion. plus GAS.

There's no turning back, if i'm going Leica, i'm going all the way. No, i'm not gonna get the M240. The price is way up high for a single camera. I hope i'm not that mad and spent al my savings. Still not even an M9. I'm looking at the M8 and the X2. and the digilux2. Now thats GAS driven. I'm still keeping my Fujis. Those are for my wedding/engagement work. With Leica, i want to taste Leica, i want to experience Leica. Lets use a real rangefinder. Stop using copy, use the original.

I hope i find the experience i'm looking for.

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