Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GAS alert...

And i thought i'm done lusting for a leica, boy i was wrong. With all the rangfinder-ish look of the Fujis that i owned, i thought i would stop looking at the leicas. I guess thats what happen when you bought a "copy" instead of the true original, in the end you still be thinking of the latter. If you ever read the beginnings of this blog, i was lusting for leicas, film leicas, since its price is at the budget zone. I wanted the Leica experience. I wanted to shoot film but since it is costly and theres no more professional film developer here anymore, and the flexibility of digital, i just stick to digital. With the help of VSCO, i can create similar films look. So bye bye Film. Bye bye Film Leica.

So how did i come back to lusting Leica? It started with the x2. I cant believe i "missed" this model. I thought i knew all the Digital Leica models. Maybe because it didnt have that OVF look on it, that's why i skipped looking at it. Maybe i'm just looking at the M's and forget everything else. Maybe i've already owned the Fujis that i wanted and start GAS-ing other cameras. Actually i'm GASing for that new Sony RX100iii and then i found on google, someone made a comparison between the old Sony RX100ii and the Leica X2. Thats when i started to do a research on the X2. It is similar to the Fuji X100s. To be honest the Fuji is more handsome but that red dot..... that red dot is what make this Leica apart from the other cameras. Just something about it i cant explain. Its like looking at a beautiful girl, just something about their pretty eyes you just cant explain. and thats what happened to me if i see a Leica. And thats when i started GASing for the Leica again.
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That is one sexy camera.

As usual i would search for it on ebay to see the price ranges, used and new, the used ones seems to be in the budget zone of mine. But thats when i stumble on the leica m8. The price differences was not really that far off, might as well go for the M instead of the x2. I always wanted the M, never really was a fan of the x2. I have the habit of owning everything else except the ultimate one. instead i should have kept that money that i spent on "everything else" and bought the ultimate one, in this case, the Leica M. One example, I have a Harley Davidson but before i bought my ultimate/dream bike, the Harley Davidson, i bought two bikes before i bought the Harley, a scooter and an off-road bike. i mean, i should have just bought the Harley ONLY instead of the other 2 bikes. I am really having a serious GAS condition.

Back to Leica, so the M8 is my only option at the moment as the others are still budget-wise out of the question or out of the equation....

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i dont know why i wanted the M8, my Fujis are better, being an enthusiast, i guess i just had to experience a Leica M once in a lifetime.

So now the question that begs an answer,
Silver or Black?!

I hate choices!

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