Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh what's in the mail???

The post office here is so slow. Period. I've ordered stuffs from ebay, and the wait period is like a month or two. and its only from China. The US stuffs came here pretty quick and i thought China is closer. Apparently, the stuffs arrived early but the post office or the postmen here decided to keep it in the store room for a month or so as they are busy partying. no joke. I've lost tracked of what i ordered, but those with tracking numbers are safely sound while the others that dont have tracking numbers, well.... be prepared for doom.

Anyway, i've bought my self a fake leather sling shoulder camera bag and its pretty neat. i love it. its small and looks good. i also bought a canvas type but thats bigger and heavier. I was on GAS, so i bought both bags, maybe i'll add another one. this fake leather is nice. I want a bag that i can use for travelling and carry my camera, i think i've found it.

I'm into desaturated colors these days so trust me, its not your monitor, it doesnt need calibrating.

It can fit both my X100s + X-Pro1 with the 18-55 kit lens, a nexus 7 tablet, a selfie monopod (ahaks), 2 X-pro1 batts, 1 x100s batt, an earphone, a few sd cards....

I also received my soft release shutter button shown in red on the X-pro1.

There are 2 front pockets, 1 back pocket and inside there's a camera padding insert.

I have a trip to London coming. I have the bag but cant decide which camera to bring. X100S or X-pro1 ..... arggh like i said, i hate choices.

Just search on Ebay using these words "Vintage britpop camera bag" ... if you're interested. Mostly the sellers are from Hong Kong or China.

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