Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Having a conversation with my head

I'm in dilemma....

What i am thinking right now....

What's in my head.....

Those are just some of the supposedly titles for this post, really its just about ranting. I have so many thoughts and i'd like to put it down on paper or to be more precise on my blog. and of course i'm thinking about cameras and gears. it just never stops. GAS is just everywhere. new gears, old gears, as long its for sale, i'm here to buy it. As if i have a million dollars in my bank account. Such a bad disease to have. Yes, i'm calling it a disease. GAS is a disease. Its an obsession. More gears doesn't equal better photos. But then i just like it because its like buying toys. Boys never grow up. I told you this.

So what am i thinking and doing right now? Well, for starters, i still browse around ebay looking for a cheap used Leica M8, hopefully winning the bid in a tight budget of $2k and preferably in silver, as the blacks look common nowadays for a leica, the silver looks rare and old school like those leica M2s, M3s. The average trending prices for a used Leica M8 on ebay is around $1500-$2000 and of course higher depends on the seller. and that's body only! As for lens, i'm looking at the cheaper options available which is the voigtlander's, and those sells for $400-$600 and higher depends on how fast the lens is. I'm looking at the Voigtlander 35mm 2.5, 40mm 1.4, 21mm f4, and those lenses ranges in that $400 - $600. So a body + one lens is gonna cost me about $2600 US dollars. Phew!! With that money i could buy a new Fuji X-T1 + kit lens plus one prime lens but then i wanna experience the M. I want to shoot a Leica. Thats whats in my head right now and ever since i got into photography which is merely 11 years ago, i want to own a Leica and now that i have a job for a good 10 years, i should be able to save up for a Leica. but based on reviews, the Fujis are the better cameras, especially in high ISO. So why still looking for a Leica? ...................................................................I just need to fulfil my dreams.

X-pro1 vs X100S

I gotta be honest right now, my favourite camera and still is the undisputed winner, my X100S. Period. Why? Its simple. Just switched it on, and start taking pictures. With its fast lens at f2, it's so nice and easy to get that bokeh. and it is also smaller and lighter than the X-pro1. less bulkier. If i'm opening my camera bag, it will always be the x100s to be grabbed. I think it also got to do with its IQ. i think the new sensor, makes it much cleaner and somewhat more contrasty, punchy JPGs when chimping. Maybe this has got to do with the quality of the LCD, i dont know. When i shoot with my X100S, i always looked at the 1.5sec playback review and it just puts a smile on my face when i look how contrasty, punchy and clean the images look. i felt the opposite with the X-pro1, somehow on its playback review the images look washed out although it actually didnt matter as you can edit it in lightroom. Must be the LCD. Maybe its just placebo. and its also unfair to the X-pro1, as its lens is not as fast as the X100S, time to get the 35mm 1.4? and see if my X100S is still the favourite.

Speaking of X100S, i'm having trouble choosing which is my ultimate camera for travelling. Should i go with the Xpro1 or the X100S, my heart says X100S, and with its nice add-ons, the wide conversion lens and the new tele conversion lens makes my life difficult over which cameras to choose. Why difficult? Because if i bought the WCL, it gives me a 28mm perspective which i already own (X-pro1 with 18-55), and then if i buy the TCL, in the future i have a plan to buy the 35mm 1.4 for my Fuji X-Pro1.... so all in all, its a bit redundant, dont you think?

28mm, 35mm and 50mm is all i 'mostly' need for my kind of photography. The Fuji X100S with both add-ons is a very nice complete kit. Perfect for travel! i'd love to buy both converters but that will make my X-pro1 collecting dust. and then the redundant issue.

Ah well..... story of my life

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