Sunday, June 1, 2014

That new Sony is intriguing

Yep, the new RX100 iii is really such a cool camera, intriguing to say the least, fast lens and a pop up EVF! Who would think of that?!! I'm waiting for a review and see if i will add this camera to my collection. Im looking for a pocketable camera for travel and the sony seems to fit the bill, i still love my fujis but i still prefer small pocketable camera cos im lazy, im lazy to take out my camera from its bag again n again everytime i wanna take a picture, im not the type of guy who always sling the camera over my shoulder everytime, im afraid of knocks n bumps and dust and water, i like to cover n keep my camera in the bag, maybe i should stop pampering the camera too much. I think my best camera is my iphone although IQ wise its easily defeated by real cameras, maybe i should wait till iphone can create stunning images like Fuji!

Back to Sony, im always intrigue with Sony cameras, in fact 9years ago my camera for my honeymoon was a sony and at that time i was blown away with its quality, but being a Sony back then i hate that they used their own proprietary memory card  n they are not a real camera company lol. So sony was never on my radar if im looking for a real camera, but with the rise of mirrorless camera everyone seems to praise Sony, being small and full frame, and great IQ. i was really interested with the new alpha7s for its low light capability, im waiting for review but it seems that camera is focusing more towards video instead of stills, and the price is way out of my budget but the rx100 seems to be in my budget zone haha (GAS talk)...and the rx100 seems to be a great camera for travel. So where is this review? Cmon internet!

But as much as i wait for the Sony reviews, im also waiting for Fuji announcements of their new cameras, the X30, x200 and the x-pro2. We'll see what Fuji have up in their sleeves.

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