Thursday, July 3, 2014


Just discovered this, i know its an old story, but i just got myself to play around with the video mode. While its really nice to record videos with nice bokeh, just about 40seconds of footage, 1080p at 30fps, the file size is already at a whopping 200+Mb..... you really need a lot of SD cards, if you are seriously considering shooting videos with this camera. While not the best tool but it is capable. I'm no videographer so for me the X100S shoots video just fine but on the internet, everyone said that Fuji cant shoot videos. Oh well.

While i was googling looking for more information regarding X100S video mode, i came across some forum members posted their videos with a digital zoom capabilities of their X100. Hey, i thought to myself, X100, X100s, its the same camera right? the S is just an updated version or the better version, lets try that zoom mode. Switched on my camera, put to video mode,  pressed the zoom button (+),......... to my surprise, NADA. Nothing happen. I mean wait a minute, how come? did i do something wrong? I was on BHPHOTO website, and there it said "3x zoom"

taken from bhphotovideo, the X100S overview description.

Further googling, i found out that this feature was actually taken away on the X100S. Bummer!. Not that i really want it or ever use it but sure its kind of a handy feature to have. I mean naturally this feature should be available on the X100S, since it is the updated version but instead it was taken away. Its like buying a new Macbook Pro, the older Macbook got a CD/DVD player but the new one took it out, not really important feature but its there....arghh, not really a good analogy but i hope you get what i mean.

Apparently some forum members claimed that Fuji copy and pasted the X100 overview to the X100S when they market the x100s but forgot to delete the 3x zoom feature BUT... BUT they already fixed the error on their side but left other companies still with the old overview description as can be seen on bhphotovideo website above. 

and on Amazon too! i just checked one minute ago!

Not really a big deal, i knew what i signed for, the X100s is a fixed single lens, it will never zoom. I mean its only digital zoom/cropped sensor, what's so good about it? But it would be really nice to just have that feature. I dont use it but i like to have it kinda thing. SINCE ITS BASICALLY THE SAME CAMERA! ....  no no no fuji never said its the same

Its either me and every other X100s owner has a broken X100S zoom function or its just a world wide marketing fail........


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