Monday, December 1, 2014

I got the Leica Bug!

I always want it, i'm always thinking about it, i always dream about it, owning it, holding it, take a picture with it, heck, let's just do this, lets buy it!

And i bought it.

My first Leica, and its gotta be M, the M8.

Half nuts, half guts.

Nuts, because its a 2006 technology. thats a lifetime in digital age. But it doesn't mean its a bad camera, it took breathtaking shots back then, it still is gonna take the same shot now, unless the sensor went bonkers...well i pray hope not...

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas came early they say.

Cant wait for that package to arrive.

Should be here in one week. Fly across continents my Leica will.

I bought a Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 to mount it with. Its gotta be a fast lens. I need bokeh. i want bokeh. Not necessary for all photos but i need it. its like drugs. although i find the 40mm is gonna be quite tele if you know what i mean, because i so like wide angle, but i could not find a wide angle fast lens, most of the lens are f4 onwards, i'm thinking about the Voigtlander 15mm 4.5. Thats my next lens. or should i just buy it now? and be done with it? but wait, i also want the 28mm f2 ultron. so i can get that 35mm FOV. just like my x100s. but why compare it to my Fuji. Leica is leica. what the hell m i talking about?

I'm all Voigtlander lenses here, thats probably the only lenses i be able to afford. i still need my kidney...

I'm planning to sell all my Fuji gears, my X-pro1, my X100S, and my X-M1 and just shoot Leica. Now i can shoot more shitty photos from a Leica. I've done it with Fuji, now its Leica turn. OMG, its a dream come true. i think i'm still dreaming! but my Leica is on its way. i pray to God that its in working order. I hope its not a bad copy.

I bought mine in chrome. now i want black too!

I always read that Fujis are better than Leica but Leica is a Leica. its a dream. a dream come true. Why buy a wannabe rangefinder when the real rangefinder is getting closer to affordable territory. well, thats the M8 for you, you can get it less than $2k, i'll wait for another 10 years for the M9.

I still love Fuji, but as i said, Leica is a Leica.

Its like Megadeth is great but Metallica is greater...... kinda.

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