Sunday, December 7, 2014

Leica M9??

i just missed out on a very good deal Leica M9 on fleabay. the winning bid was $2900. $2900 for a Leica M9... that is out of this world. well, not really, the price is trending at $3500 but still at $2900 its a steal! Now, i dunno if i should sit at a dark corner and regret for not entering the bidding war but wait! Am i nuts? My M8 have yet to arrive and i'm already eyeing the M9? Man, talk about GAS and a shit load of money to burn. But i'm not rich. Just crazy savings gone like the wind.... if i did bought the M9. I'm just a slave to my desire. Good God. I need to stop seeing Ebay.. or should i say i enter rehab?

But still, an M9 is an M9.

Leica in love forever.

Love, Lust and Leica.

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