Thursday, December 25, 2014

This blog survives a year!

I have countless of blogs before, and none of them survived in a year, or at least got updated, its still out there in the seas of the internet. But with my new alter ego oobist k noobist, i survived! I finally blogged for a year now, although there are times when i'm too lazy to update this blog more frequent. That was when my passion for photography declining, i mean the artistic and "creatistic" juices are not flowing anymore, its all about the bass, i meant all about the gears, i was thinking too much of gears, GAS... well this is what this blog is about. talking about GAS. but even one time i was lost interest in gears, especially the Fuji X30, Lumix LX100, Pen EM7 and probably the X100T too....thats when i lost interest in writing this blog which pretty much a photography blog i supposed? because thats what i've been talking about for the past year but i wanted to add my personal life event too in this blog so i can read it when i'm 64 and laugh at myself for whatever shit that i posted here. at least theres something i can read about besides photography. Maybe next year i'll start writing more about myself inspired by Bridget Jones Diary that is showing on HBO during christmas time. One year passed just like that, so quick, so dreamy-like, i think i was just blogging about the Fuji X-T1 a couple of months ago but in fact that was already a year. Gasp! Is the world spinning faster? and how did all the clocks in the world sync with it? how did it keep time? One hour felt like 10 minutes. Dont you think? its fast right? and its scary if i think too much of it. Now come 2015....

So what did i do in 2014? Not much i guess.... I sold my X100S to fund my Leica dream even after reading a lot in the forums that these Leicas are not reliable, sensor corrosion issues, LCD break down , i still wanted the Leica, aesthetically they are simply beautiful, even the retro Fujifilms cant touch em.... but reliability, thats where i think Fuji wins. I have 3 Fujis and none of them have yet suffers a major breakdown such as those of Leicas. even after a fall to the ground, remember my X-M1? Although it is kind of unfair to Leica because i have yet to take a picture with it. Soon, my friend, soon! All these reliability talk makes me want the Fuji X100T. or wait for the next iteration X100X. I cant believe the wifi feature of my Sony RX100M3 is so satisfyingly pleasurable. Sending my photos to my ipad mini, really nice to view it in those ipad screen than the LCD of my Sony. 3inch but yet still small and i feel like taking a microscope with me. Now, my favorite camera of all time the X100 series has a wifi feature. all the small things that really makes a world difference. But Leica didnt have all these wifi features but still i stand behind them. I guess i'm a BRAND biased. i'm lost for words.

So now come 2015. Happy new year ya all.

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