Monday, November 10, 2014

Sony RX100iii's metering bonkers??

Ya, i've read it somewhere but i just had to write it to paper or more specifically this blog, the metering on the Sony is kinda bonkers... not consistent to be exact, one time it'll use the lower ISO and at other times it uses the highest ISO available... although i must admit i didn't really check which shutter it used on both low or high ISO because i always monitor the ISO when i take the shot....but anyway the metering is kinda inconsistent.... in the same indoor low light room, sometimes it used the high iso and when you meter the next shot, it used the low ISO....oh well... i look at the LCD and the ISO sometimes jumps from iso640 to iso6400... man... talk about inconsistency (thats 3 times).... and i noticed that the Sony will always use 1/30 and f1.8 combo, no matter the ISO.... especially indoors...

Sorry i dont have a sample to show you, but i just realised in the same indoor room, it used a high shutter speed and high ISO and the other shot it used the 1/30 and low iso, both at widest aperture. the same exposure but different calculations or whatever....

by the way, this little thing rocks!

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