Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I hate Singapore on Sundays and in December!

It is just so crowded with people! I guess this is gonna happen when there's 4 millions of humans in a small island. A small island that stretches about 60km from east to west. 60km?? thats really small!! I really mind the crowded people as i pushed a twin stroller, i have to avoid strangers legs, scramble for the lift as people are being inconsiderate, its like "I was there first, i pushed a stroller and i need the lift more than you frikking young lazy people, go use the escalator and exercise a more walking you schmuck!" .... i was frikkin pissed man... in the end i'd prefer pushing my stroller onto the escalator than to race who gets into the lift first. fuck ya all.

Okay, i was really that pissed. Anyway.... Singapore, despite the crowded issues that i had, is still my favourite holiday stops. its nearby to my home country, there's a lot of places to go and do. night's still kinda busy even though its midnite and something something something. i'm just lost for words. i think its shopping shopping shopping. I went to Singapore last October and it wasnt this crowded, so December = black listed. and Sundays is normal to be crazy crowded. This country makes me wanna buy all the stuffs put up on sale. i almost bought the iphone6 plus. but i was also worried that it will replace my Sony RX100iii for everything snap shot. i went to Vegas with just an iphone4 back then. So too Washington. But i want to stick to my reasons when i bought the Sony, telling myself that it is compact enough for my pockets and travel. Well it did fit my pocket and adds a considerable amount of bulge to it and kinda makes my pants heavy too! In the end i prefer to put it in my sling bag although sometimes in my pocket. But i still believe the Iphone is so much better in the pocket. except when it bendgates. Much easier to put it in and take it out of the pocket. i have whatsapp on it, facebook, emails, ebay, and camera!! everything in one device. super cool. I havent bought the iphone6, and i dont really take pictures with my iphone4 anymore because it suck now, it didnt suck when it was still apple's flagship smartphone. So i did use a lot of the Sony for this trip. although there are still times when im too lazy to take it out of the bag.

Anyways, enough ramblings and ranting, let me show you some of my snap photos taken with the Sony RX100iii. I didnt really put much thought on taking the photos, just snap my shots away. creatively, artistically = none! This post was actually about the Sony RX100iii, but when i was writing this post, it remind me of the things that pissed me while i was there lol. The supposed title was "Sony RX100iii, what a little gem this is". All shots are OOC, Auto everything, WB, ISO, Exposure, Everything in Sony's Intelligent mode.

Check out the crowd. and that blind guy got mean blues skillz yo! Makes me wanna pickup my guitar

 Some 3D painting was on display.

 Christmas is around the corner. Santa is everywhere!

 Miss Santa

I love the OOC Colors on this one. Great job Sony. But not so great at being hacked LOL 

 Some boy band singing to the The Beatles 

Universal Studios Singapore 

Glowing Cotton Candy for $7SGD! 

Literally or Figuratively staying here until USS is closed 

I also liked the colors on this one 

 Seriously, not my lip's mark. it was like that when i got it. now that i think of it, could be Barista's lip mark? 

Just one of those time when i need a gondola ride in Singapore. 

The Wifi feature is neat! I can just send all the pictures i took to my ipad mini and look or review the pictures on the bigger screen of the ipad mini and sip a cup of coffee. as you already know they are tons of apps in the app store for picture editing, edit the picture on the ipad and then maybe share it to instagram or facebook if you're that kinda person, who likes to share their life on facebook.

All in all, this is a great travel Camera. Great IQ. Compact. Fit in my pocket. But now that i think of it, the way i just snap all my photos i think i might just get the iphone6. Pity underutilized Sony. or Maybe that is just GAS talking?

So what now!?

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