Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm still on a quest to own the Leica M9? Am i stupid?

So the seller of the Leica M9-P that i put a bid on has cancelled the bid and ended the listing altogether. His reasons? Because of the Leica statement made yesterday, the sensor corrosion issue! I respect and appreciate his generosity, a very responsible seller. He said that he needed to send it to Leica first for a repair or replacement and put it back on sale. See? he is nice. Some seller would just get rid their stuffs to the next buyer. i was so ready to win the bidding war but when he ended the sale abruptly, i kinda see it as a sign, not to get the M9. More money for a BMW! but GAS works in a mysterious way. One minute i'm thinking of the M9, the next im thinking of the BMW, the other i was thinking of customising my Sportster which is so due.... but instead this morning i just place a bid on a low use Leica M9. I was already in love with the all black M9-P and the black M8.2, so why not i just get the M9 and make the red dot black? thats what i set in my mind and thus placing the bid is the next best thing. Corrosion issue? what corrosion issue?
i'm still in my unbelievably idiot mode and bid a Leica M9, i still want the M9 even after Leica officially stated the corrosion sensor issues. because i'm just plain stupid, stupid, stupid! GAS is running circles over me. whatever that means.

Heres a few Leica M9 in stealth mode as they say, i'm in my Leica lust mode....

 Hello there sexy!
taken at
Just look at those Leicas, all lying around. I feel like looking at Top3 Maxim hotties.
same jaw dropping, mouth watering effect. 
taken at

rangefinder with square hood is mouth watering drooling.
 taken at

Even the M8.2 looks handsome in black. very handsome indeed
taken at

My problem is, when i'm in GAS mode, a certain GAS mode, i tend to buy more than one. Thats the problem. As if i have a million dollars in my bank account. trust me. i dont have that much money. i always think i have that much but it all credit cards maxed out in the end. I have an M8, I also want the M8.2 in all black. and i want the M9 too. crazy.

Once upon a time, when i had that certain GAS, i owned like more than 10 guitars, most of it collecting dust, i have more than 3 motorcycles, a lot of distortion and other effects pedals, more than 10 mics, i had 2 classic cars, i have 3 Fujifilms, i had an Olympus, i still have my Sony. but all of them are collecting dust, under utilise and i have yet to learn my lesson. Now i'm collecting assured my bank account will be crying out for help. The only thing that can stop me is someone challenging my bid. I really want the Leica M9 but deep in my heart i want someone to outbid me too!

Feliz NaVidad.

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