Sunday, December 28, 2014

Whats the plan two thousand fifteen?

So i got the Leica bug. Suddenly i feel like i wanna take pictures now. My passion is mode ON now. So i'm thinking i wanna set out on an adventure, depends on the budget and bring my Leica with me. I'm thinking of visiting to neighbouring countries which in the first place i had no intention of going. Countries that i never step foot on. I'm going on a solo trip so theres no stroller to push, no need to wait for someone, i'm just minding my own business, just go with the flow, where my legs will bring me. ya know, just exploring the place all by myself and at the same time take pictures. I got the green light from the wife and all i need to think is budget. I'm thinking of countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Shanghai, or maybe Myammar, Cambodia, just countries that are closed by and like i said depends on budget. Just at the weekends, so that i dont need to spend my work leave. I'm also in the process of buying "something", i wont tell you what but it needs a lot of $$$, so thats like a big stumble block for this adventure. So far i have set Singapore and Vietnam. I've never been to Vietnam. So i'm pretty excited on that one. I need to do something different in Singapore. Need to explore other parts than what i usually do. Need to get out of my comfort zone. but also need to make sure that its safe. i dont want to get mug. Probably going to New Orleans but thats very unlikely. Its almost January now and New Orleans must be January. I'll be checking other destinations for my solo Leica adventure. Maybe Bali....

I'll bring my Leica for these trips. Probably the Leica M9, which is as we speak on its way here. I hope both Leicas are in great taking photos condition. After reading a lot of issues in the forums just freaked me out but still i want the Leica.

I'm looking for the ultimate lens. I dont wanna lug around bag full of lenses. or maybe i will since i'm on a solo trip. no kid's bags to bring, no kid's ipads to bring, no stroller to bring, you get the idea. i told you i ordered the Voigtlander 40mm 1.4. what i haven't told you is that i also ordered the 15mm 4.5 II. So that pretty much covered the wide angle and a bit of telephoto. So i am looking for in the middle. and preferably fast and pancake size. im thinking of shooting wide at night. with the 15mm, at 4.5, thats probably a headache for the M9, i haven't test it but based on stories, reports, its not Fujifilm's ISO.

Something in the middle, between 15mm & 40mm. fast, small pancake size. Is there such a lens?  I was thinking of the 28mm at f2.8 because it will be smaller than at f2. Leica 28mm elmarit cost like a used M8. A voigtlander ultron 28mm f2 looks kinda bulgy on the Leica. I've decided to get the Zeiss 28mm f2.8 but its kinda rare on Ebay. IF there is one it cost just like the elmarit. There's a CV 35 1.4 but its kinda bit redundant because i have the 40mm. Only 5mm wide. i really really want a 28mm but theres not much choice. i want a lens that is already an M mount, no need adapters. But then i saw a comparison between 15mm, 18mm and 24mm on the internet. and what a difference 3mm is. not much but still wider. So i'm thinking of the 35mm 2.5 color skopar. Pancake lens, kinda fast than 2.8 but not much wide than the 40mm, so i've decided if i didn't find the Zeiss 28mm distagon, i'll just get the CV35mm color skopar. i hope its not GAS talking.

So here i come Singapore and Vietnam. See you in 2015.

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