Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ahhh shitt...

I've set my mind to really win the bid war of the Leica M9-P, i mean why not, i think its the ultimate digital M. (not the M240, from what i've read, its too SLR like) while i still have my dough i might just gonna get it but then this came out....

i know, i know i've read it somewhere in a blog la vida leica, but i thought its just a batch of M9s and i was ready to take a gamble and just buy the M9 but after seeing it coming from Leica's own mouth, its official, i started to have 2nd thoughts. God damn! i'm nearly close on buying the M9. i know there is a sensor issue but i still want the M9-P. But now its official coming out from Leica. 2nd thoughts. By the way, Leica offered to repair it free of charge but from where i come from, there's no Leica dealer and its a hassle + cost to shipped it overseas for repair. The closest i can go is Singapore but i doubt if they do repairs there. i'm not sure. i haven't ask around. i hope they do. then its easier since i like to travel to Singapore every year or so.

But its not a surprised, the Leica M8 was full of sh*t issues but i still took a gamble. i still bought it. but at least it was cheaper than the M9. The M9 can cost me a BMW. Yea that's right. I'm still deciding whether i go camera nuts/nutcase or i should buy a used 1990 BMW. Both have pros and cons, both need maintenance in the future, both take me from point A to B but in different scheme of things. my wise brain say i should get the BMW, my GAS say buy the M9. My conscience say dont buy anything at all. Or i could custom my Harley Sportster and it still cost less than the M9. Godamn you Leica, u messed me up.

Josh Groban, please sing and dedicate this to Leica...

You messed me up, so i can stand on mountains.....of debt..
You messed me up, to walk on stormy seas............of debt..
Leica is strong, now i'm on your shoulder
You messed me up, i haven't even start on your lenses..

Its official, i'm a Leica nutcase.

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