Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leica GAS?

Leica lust, leica whore, leica porn.
Anything to do with Leica is so sexy and yummy.
I cant resist my GAS.
I just bought an M8 in chrome.
Well i preferred the chrome than the black
But just after i press buy it now on the chrome M8, now i want it in black.
talk about dangerous GAS.
Before, i never liked the all black Leica. i always want it with a red dot logo, thats what Leica is famous for. I dont understand whats with Leica owner gaffer tape their red dot logo. i mean what the fuck man? Show it off to the world that its a leica you're holding, the most expensive piece of "shit" camera. There are other better cameras but Leica is a Leica. i wont go into details which camera is better but Leica is a Leica. its like the Ferrari of cameras. You dont need a Ferrari but if you can afford it why not?
Its the same, its just a tool, it will take you to point A and B. Same thing. iPhone can also take pictures. so what if the IQ sucks. the moments mattered most. Anyway i'm off the grid. Actually i just wanna talked about my GAS problem. My Leica lust problem im having right now. BTW speaking of people gaffer taping their Leica is because they wanted to be stealthier. Thats why Leica came up with the M9-P.... which unbelievably i'm bidding right now. Lust...Lust..Lust... i'm the type who cant pass a great deal. i've already missed out on the $2900 Leica M9 in steel grey with less than 2k shutter actuations. thats a great deal. My credit cards beg to differ though. I need rehab. somehow it felt good to press buy it now or start bidding. But just right after i press it, the feeling regret somehow creeps in. in my head, i bought the Leicas for collection. I didnt care much if it take pictures. although there are times i'm imagining shooting a wedding with them Leicas. For travelling, i'm not sure but for showing off, hell yeah...
I'm much more into aesthetic than picture taking. yea, boo me whatever. but that is just me. The Leica is so sexy. its like flirting with Scarlett or Blake lively or whoever hotties in hollywood. ya know what i mean. sometimes i do feel like that with my cameras. its actually a one night stand thing. i wonder if i will still keep my Leicas in the future. i hope i do. its the ultimate cannot do everything camera. but for what i do in photography, is enough. i dont do sports and fast objects. which Leica probably not good at. i know someone can do it. but i dont.
I keep saying Leicas Leicas Leicas as if i have more than one Leica. In fact after owning the Chrome which have yet to arrive, i'm eyeing on the all black M8.2. and the all black M9-P. Like i said, before, i didnt give a shit about all black Leica. its all about the red dot logo. but now, things have change.
I'm a Leica porn.

Help me.

 Leica M8 chrome.
Taken at www.photo.net

 Leica M8.2 in all black
taken at www.curious-creature.org

Leica M9-P
Taken at www.thephoblographer.com

Looking at the cameras all i can say and feel is....


Please help me...

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