Sunday, February 9, 2014

Updates.... and b&w

Been slowly updating my blog, i guess my GAS is slowing down. Not so much taking pictures lately. Did my photography season is over? You know, i can be quite seasonal. But thats what fills my life. i can be interested in music making and nothing else. one season i can be interested in riding my bikes. for now i'm interested in photography. But im also interested in buying camera gears, pheww... that one hurts my wallet.

So much talk about the new Fuji X-T1, somehow i admit it can be sickening. lol. Not that i hate Fuji. Maybe i found it to be really hyped. But then it is truly a great camera although i havent touch one and try one but those fanboys posting review on the internet aren't fools too!

But somehow my heart set out for the OMD EM10. maybe because its cheaper and i just want to own it. there i said it. i'm also waiting for a big discount on the Fuji X-Pro1. and then im finished. done. no more GAS. lets concentrate on photography. i hope it is that simple.

i want to do a lot of black and white photography but my workflow is messed up on this one. SOmetimes i like the contrasty dramatic B&W, sometimes i like that VSCO creamy faded look. i love Ansel Adams stuffs fyi. if only im good at dodging and burning. i dont have an eye for that one. Ya know, shade here, light there.

Here just for fun, one contrasty and one VSCOish B&W, which one do you prefer?
Shot this with my trusty x100s. i love saying that... TRUSTY X100S.



and a little bit of vignetting, i love me some vignette.

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