Sunday, February 9, 2014

Come on you SPURS!

Ok, this is my first blog post about a football team or soccer team that i supported, Tottenham Hotspurs. But im not an obsessed fan, dont ask me about its history. i started become a fan when Gary Lineker was in it. I also took a considerable amount of time to figure out what COYS mean? Funny? Yea whatever. I just watched the football and the results matters. But being a Spurs fan, i dont have high expectations. Thats what usually any Spurs fans do, i heard. Until Harry Redknapp took us to Champions League. Gaargghh! It turned the fans wanting for more, expectation too high and now everything seems to be unstable in Tottenham. Changing managers, bought new half team and messed up each year. Too high of expectation is bad for your health. hahhaa... at least its frustrating. This rivalry between us and Arsenal, in reality, Arsenal has always been the better team. (A lot of fanboy Spurs will spit their coffee reading this). but its the truth. There is just not enough consistency in Spurs form/play. The football is better at Arsenal. I'm more of a fan of football than a fan of a club. I remember Spurs always start strong and then nervously crumbled down in the end. i think the best manager statistically was Harry. He brought us Top 5 every season and one champions league. now dont throw me statistic whos better or not, i honestly dont care. this is just what i think. The football was direct and fun to watch rather than the painful playing style of AVB. PLaying on Handbrakes one said. I've always waited each week for an entertaining football from AVB. Not so much. The cautios football is painful to watch. But Gareth Bale was there to push the gas, accelerate, "ok, lets score a goal" Bale said, then boom, sprinted, shot and scored! exciting times. Now he's gone to Madrid, and Spurs sucks to watch.  Then came Tim Sherwood, i seen this guy play on TV, it used to be called English Soccer and the anthemic song of that football program. So classic. So much memories. Anyway, Tim's a player. To be honest i like a manager who used to be a pro player. but the football is still painful to watch. AVB they said is a master tactician but he didnt live up to that reputation. Unless his tactic is to keep passing the ball back to the keeper eventhough we're attacking. Ever since he got the sacked, honestly i lost interest watching Spurs. Its just too unstable. I love stability in a team. Appointing Tim i can see it as a temporary, it never was full time. i guess Levy is wishing that we did not get into top 4 this season so he could appoint Louis Van Gaal whos been speculated to take the job next season. i dont hate Tim, its just that i can feel the instability of the club. Changing managers season after season is not good for the club. look at Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, these guys been in the club like forever and see where they've been up to. Spurs are always relying on a moment of individual brilliantness. its such a shame because its a team game. Yesterday's game against Everton was a moment of brilliance by Kyle Walker and of course Ade. Only the other shot at goal of the game besides Defoe last minute shot. But Ade took it. It was a wonderful control too. and shot at the tightest angle of the goal post is schweeeeettttt. But still the overall game is painful and boring to watch. no more excitement or the shakey trembling feeling of the body of nervousness and brilliantness.

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