Monday, February 24, 2014

Uh Oh.... Did i just bought the Olympus OMD EM10?

object of my desire

That was a terrible GAS. Poisoned i must say. That salesman really kill it.  I almost walked away without it but in the end i lost the battle of my desire, GAS won, indefinitely....if that makes any sense. So here i am with OMD EM10 in my bag. happily ever after.

i went. i hit. and i score.

So the story goes....

the timing was right. i went to Singapore after claiming a free ticket and during my stay Olympus singapore is having a promotion at Vivo City, yes, u guess it right, the omd em10 promo. Okay, i'm just gonna stop by and have a look, peep through the viewfinder, take snapshots bla bla bla or so i thought. By this time im already having a bad GAS. so Bad that i had to walked away. but it also got me thinking. my GAS juices are flowing in my head in my brain. Ya know, good things about the omd, there's never a bad thing in GAS.

Olympus promotion. Olympus should give that guy a raise/commission (top right corner, black shirt olympus guy)
He sold it. Poisoned me. GAHH!
i'm having GAS and he was like adding fuel to my GAS

i had to walked away. i felt like i was cheating on Fujis. i am in love with my Fuji X100S and upcoming Xpro1 (GAS alert)!! i meant my X-M1. but then i also liked Olympus. if you followed my blog back then i posted about choosing Scarlett Johannson or Blake Lively. i chose AND... this is the same thing. Fuji and Olympus.

i took the brochure and walked away. i had to do some thinking. i went to Carl's Junior and had a burger with a brochure to read. GAS needs food i guess.

By this time i said to myself "I sleep over it and come back tomorrow if i want it"

Head myself to the MRT, i'm really close to entering the MRT site but a coffee shop is nearby, damn, i need to do some more thinking.

i had tea. by this time i'm having a difficult time of choosing color. do i want it in black or do i want it in silver? i love how the silver look, retro, old school but i knew over time i got bored of it. the black looks elegant and sexy and black never bores.... but im choosing 80% black over silver because of that what-his-face-salesguy. he recommends me to get the black. He said it also look better with the hand grip which he showed to me and let me feel it. it was great i have to say. He also let me test the stabilisation system, the 3 axis stabilizer....

Stand on Fitness Machine. i can feel that my love handles shaking so much. and the picture of the pot was quite sharp. i didnt have the picture. The video didnt shake that much but wobbly but i think the stabilizer did a good job. 

by the time i had finished my tea, i made a pact to buy it now and get the black. 

And so i left Vivo City with a black OMD EM10.

Nothing better than to finish a good day with a great meal.

All shots above taken with X100S.

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