Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My type of photography

i like to capture moments. i am never a photo manipulist/manipulator, i'm just too lazy to do that. i'd like to take as little as much time in post process. i also dont do art photography but am always interested. i also like to do portraits. i love fashion/editorial style photography. Must be the beautiful models. i've done a few weddings, just my close in-laws and friends but mostly i did was just snapping away. i think i like documentary, journalism, reporting style of photography. thats why i am also interested in street photography although i am very much afraid of shooting strangers. i am also socially retarded hahah... i've never been so good at shaking hands, i'll just nod - Julian Casablancas . Same here Julian. Word!

This is as close i can get to street photography... its probably not even street photography, more like travel... this is cheating too cos its a tourist destination so i can just snap away unlike street photographers who are like ninjas!

But i love just snapping away. i guess less post process too. thats why i love candid photos. moments. i think i suck at landscapes. maybe i suck at everything. because i dont really care of getting awards. its not an olympic but for some maybe it is. i take photos for pleasure. i'm trying to improve my photography but i also worry a lot on gears, which is not helpful and not good. i should worry about my next photo not gears. i have an X100S. an already great camera. now i just need to shoot. but no.... right now im thinking of getting the X-pro1 or/and the omd em10. i just love gadgets or maybe i love spending. but my wallet is getting thin. Sucks for having GAS.

I am also not a 100% most of the time pixel peeing...haha pixel peeping. occasionally i do but only to check out noise. i love what Fuji's Jpeg is getting at iso6400. but i would like to use a lower ISO for clean sharp images. i also shoot jpgs. Fuji jpg is for me the greatest. I think the OMDs look a bit digital but i still want it. But i just found out Damian McGillicuddy. He use OMD. It didnt look digital. Maybe its just the photographer. OH well.. here i am rambling again.

i rarely shot RAW. i'm quite worry about the big file size. but i worry too much. i worry on everything. JPG is a good 10Mb but RAW files they can go up to 40Mb. Ouch. i need space. i need hard drives. more money spend. i shoot RAW when i think i need to do a bit more on post processing. SO far i shoot RAW on landscapes, JPGs on occasional snapping away. But sometimes i find the JPG from Fuji still got details for editing purposes and good OOC too!

RAW convert to JPG

i use lightroom and i love VSCO. i love film look. i do get spoil by VSCO by turning every shots into VSCO look. it is also hard to type on the keyboard with long fingernails, like i do now. anyway, VSCO is the best. i've used Alien Skin before but i still havent found what im looking for - U2. until i found VSCO that is. my workflow gets easier and quicker. just find a suitable preset and boom. done. but i get obsess of trying every presets to every picture i took. VSCO TO DEATH! sickness.

 VSCO that sh*t 

VSCO that sh*t too!
i love how VSCO play around with the greens. gave that film look.

i used to use photoshop vsco actions downloadable free and use 10% grey exclusion. now with VSCO and lightroom, i dont need to and its easier too! i also like to take photos of my foods. Food photography. i love it but some nerds dont, he said "Its just food!" He's too nerd to enjoy food i guess. i think he rather see zeros and ones on the menu, matrix style. whatever.

and i get the habit to turn it into vsco.... 

i love doing portraits. did i say that already? ok... so
1. i love portraits
2. i love candid moments
3. i love fashion beauty photography
4. i'm interested in street photography
5. i'd like to do wedding photography
6. i will do food photography

All pictures above are taken with Fujifilm X100S.
my X-M1 is starting to collect dust by now.

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