Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to get that VSCO washed out faded creamy look in lightroom

Today im gonna share you on how to get a VSCO washed out faded creamy look in lightroom. At the moment i'm using 100% of my photo editing workflow with Lightroom. Back in the day i used to edit my photos with Photoshop. Curves, Image levels, Brightness/Contrast bla bla bla.... i even used a free downloadable photoshop actions to edit my photos. its not wrong or bad but i just like to keep it simple with only one program, and that program is lightroom. i dont like to jump around between softwares/programs.

Anyway, there are a few VSCO photoshop actions on the net to get that washed out look, just google it, if you're lazy like me and are using photoshop.
Some of the techniques i used to do:-
1) 10% grey inclusion to get that washed out look,
2) fill in solid color and choose gray is also one of the techniques, or
3) use exposure settings and adjust gamma.

But now i know how to do it in lightroom and its simple too! Lets cut the bullshit and just show you already!


Go to DEVELOP, TONE CURVE and just follow that curve shape above and then if you want, just play around with that "bottom left corner point in the box", the more high you make the more dramatic effect you'll get. That is just about it.

Lets go back from the start,

1) if your tone curve shows the "Region" settings like the figure below, you have to click on the small box on the bottom right corner.....

2) To make it into this. (figure below)
    Most of the time your tone curve will look like this, just a straight diagonal line from bottom left to         upper right in the box.

3) Usually i'll make a few points on the straight line but it actually is up to you, just play around with it.

4) And take the bottom left point and raise it up, and depends how dramatic you want the effect to be, just play around with it. A curve (its not even a curve) shape like below will yield a really washed out VSCO moody style.

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