Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fujifilm Singapore

And so i went to Fujifilm Singapore in Funan mall. because i am a Fujifilm fanboy.

They printed photos taken with Fuji X systems, i was blown away by quality... thats why i love Fuji.

And they put all their X series cameras in the middle of the showroom, for test purposes, the feel, the user handling, i think its a great move. now everyone can just walk in and test the camera, play around with it, felt in love with it!

This is where i fell in love more with the X-pro1..... before, i could only just look at xpro1 images on google but now i can feel it, how light it is, how great the experience was, i get to hold it, handle it, fire shots, play with the 35mm fitted to it.. oh man, that lens is a dream! ... , i really really want this camera added to my collection. For pro usage, i definitely gonna use the Xpro1 and X100S, my friend's engagement coming soon and i need to use this camera!

i'm only a lil bit put off with the price here, it still costs two grand singapore dollars, thats about USD$1600, i can get USD$300 cheaper on Ebay.

object of my desire

and guess what, hey hey hey heyyyyyy....

the X-T1 is here!
The much anticipated, hyped, talked about camera on the internet. and i get to feel it!
The EVF is definitely huge.
The grip is better here of course, but i would love it without grip! haha
Fuji give me a classic boxy camera, just a rectangle box, with a sharp triangle pentaprism, no grip, bad handling, classic lens, cos i need to feed my GAS. lol
its a fine fine fine camera the X-T1 but aesthetically i still love the X-pro1. i want the X-pro1. I need the X-pro1. i cannot wait for the X-pro2. i just have to have the X-pro1.

so i left the showroom with a pact that i must own an X-pro1.
thank you Fuji for the GAS you given me!

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