Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fuji X-M1 Remote Shutter RR90..... the cheap one!

Which one would you rather buy?
the original Fuji RR90? (which cost about usd$80)
JJC Remote Shutter (replaces RR90)? which is only usd$10 on fleabay.

And the JJC works like a charm...
i've tried bulb mode and it works... pretty useful for those long exposures photography or night photography.. gotta get my ass out of my couch to test that one. but all in all this JJC works as intended. The downside maybe its just a little too short for full bodied selfies, not little but a lot short haha.

i have nothing against Fuji accessories except that it is expensive, and i'm a working class citizen, hard earned cold cash... i'd rather buy the cheap one as long as it is working.

But that is just me...

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