Monday, February 10, 2014

Fuji X100S..... not another review again..

Just my thoughts on the most raved camera of all time... maybe not all time but almost... well anyway, this is not a review, i dont really care about tech specs, i bought it because of its retro look and it was raved a lot and took great pictures. stunning quality. There are countless of reviews on the net, technical, user reviews and so forth.... but this aint it..... just my rubbish rant....

Its not DSLR killer, but maybe, just maybe a Leica killer........ whats that? said leica die hard fans... well maybe not a leica killer but almost hahaha.... most person will be put off by the higher price tag of the leicas, so they go to Fuji x100s, its rangefinder-ish looks, cheaper than leica, i mean way cheaper.... got auto focus, and stunning image quality.... i'd say that is a Leica market killer.... and it is being praised and raved a lot on the net helped put the x100s status on top of the world... a poor man's leica they say.... leica what?

my x100s along side om10. 
now the x100s comes in black too!

If you can live without zoom then the x100s is a perfect choice go to camera... its portable, not quite small to fit pocket but better than lugging a SLR.... my friend just bought a Canon rebel t5i, even he complaint its like moving houses altogether when lugging around with his canon.... told ya to get Fuji... u d*mba$$... hahahaha... but he enjoyed his SLR.... thats what really matters... i mean yea... no zoom... just a fixed focal length, its great for street photography they say... i can live with zoom.. before i bought my fuji, i had my SLR and ever since i got an iphone i never use my SLR, i use my iphone to take pictures and i dont really use zoom... thats why i got the x100s, i dont really care to zoom.... i like wide angle pictures....

testing street photography.... i'm scared!

x100s is the most raved and praised camera on the net... did i say that already? but it is.... just search on google, there's not a bad thing to say about this camera... just a little complaints maybe but it is almost perfect camera. The JPEG quality is awesome and i dont really shoot RAW... if you shoot RAW then the more awesome for you.... details are crazy good. You can also get BOKEH with its fast lens at f2.0.

Bokeh please,
would you like that with fries?

i put a B+W UV filter just to protect the lens from being bump or scratches, no difference in quality although im not really a pixel peeper, i dont even know whats IQ. What matters is the photo. if you worry too much about pixels, tech specs and what not....errr....wheres the fun in that? If you have the eye for it, just press the shutter and live with it.

Silent mode on this camera is pretty silent. i posted about that the other day. Man. this thing is silence....of the lamb...haaha.... i mean pretty silent.

what else are there to say..... hmm.... focus sometimes is a bit of hit and miss.... sometimes it focus the background...but when it nails it...its crazy good.....

i dunno what blogger did to this photo, its like they have an auto enhancement..
the original photo is darker, this here is some sort of low boost enhancement.
nothing spectacular, i just like the cloud formation.

if you havent own a Fuji x100s, you should... its a great to go to camera... now you have choices... it comes in black and of course silver..... that black is soooooo sexyyy....

so whats next Fuji? how can they improve the x100s... its already a truly great camera....the next x200 or x100tripleS.. all i can predict that they are gonna come up with a FULL FRAME x100, just to please those full frame junkies out there.... 35mm f1.8 i think is a decent lens... since all their XF lenses will not be compatible with full frame, i think they can make new lens for a full frame x100s since its a fixed lens...

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