Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Leica adventure: Chapter 1 New Orleans (Day 2)

I believe i'm the type that didn't really get jet lagged, my trick is to usually quickly adjust my time zone to my present location time zone, switch my watch and never think whether its night or day back home. and i believe it worked. I never had trouble sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night, i mean i always woke up in the middle of the night going to the restroom, that is just me, i drank a bottle of water before i sleep.

Anyway i woke up to this,

This is the view from my hotel

Sunrise, i'm a morning person of course i had to have coffee at this moment. I have work waiting for me at the Hilton hotel which is also where the RiverWalk Outlet mall is located. Sweet!

 This is the Cafe Du Monde in the mall i was talking about, i just had to have the beignets again.

 This is where the magic happens, the flour is shaped and deep fried to make beignets

 This is the moment where the M8 is not so discreet, the shutter is so loud, the lady just had to turned and look at me and of course i used the Zack Arias's skill looking the sign above her but honestly i did want to take a picture of the sign.... and the crowd below it. Composing was a guess, i think it was okay.

 I'm queuing for the order , might as well take snapshot

 I'm on my way back to the hotel. Too bad i couldn't find a higher ground to take this picture

As i reached my room, i was 'introduced' to this view, my room was dark only lit by this view, the window curtain was open and the sun sets, it was a beautiful scenery, it was orange and blue, i just had to get my M8 out and used the slowest shutter speed to avoid shake. I had to pushed this an extra stop in PP, and those are not banding on the upper left corner of this picture, its a reflection of the curtains. The sunset was just breathtaking. I'll never forget this view.

And then i had an idea of doing long exposures although i did not bring a tripod, i just placed my M8 besides the window. I switched off all the lights in the room and start shooting. I think the picture below is about 2 seconds long. This is to the right of the sunset pictured above. It wasnt a proper shot but i like it. It just shows the cityscapes of New Orleans. All the lights from buildings and cars make it nice, and the trailing white smoke caused by the jet add character to it.

I just had to have beignets again.

....the nights not over yet.... to be continued.....

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