Sunday, January 4, 2015

AVCHD fail!

I hate AVCHD. it sucks! not the format or qualities, just the file structure. I hate the fact that i had to copy the whole "private" folder so my Final Cut Pro will be able to preview the file. or read the file. its unlike VGA or MPG file, where i can just copy just like how i copy jpegs. I just format my SD card, assuming i copied everything because i already imported all those JPGs into lightroom. I was on auto pilot, and i dont know what happen to me that day but my fingers just easily formatted the SD card, very confident that i copied everything (because i already imported all into lightroom). Wrong! usually i'm not the type to delete or format everything quickly, even the SD cards that i used for my italy trip which was 7 months back, has yet to be formatted but that day.... just with a flick of a finger, format the Singapore trip's SD card. take some new pictures and get on with life. and then i realised that i havent copy the "private" folder. i have all the JPGs but not the videos, the AVCHD videos, if only i was recording in MPGs then my ass is saved but no...its AVCHD and its gone forever. i guess its meant to be. why would i format the card? im not that type. i guess its meant to be. I know its human error. Everything in life is human errors. but still the file structure is inconvenient. I love my Sony Rx100iii but that inconvenient avchd file structure just make me feel like selling it! like i said, i should just get the iphone6plus where i wont be accidentally formatting everything. yes yes yes its human error, im the dumb one. not sony's fault, its my fault but still inconvenient is inconvenient. i guess its meant to be gone. Gone are the videos i took for my Singapore trip. i'm not so much of a video guy. but still a lost is a lost. I've tried all the recovery files program out there and i'm out of luck. The best of the bunch i guess is photorec. Even that cant saved my ass. I believe its gone because i've used the SD card to take some new pictures, its overwriting the header and stuff... thats too technical. Well.... i guess time will heal my wounds.

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